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The Most Important Details You Can Use to Design and Create the Most Fabulous Show Home

The Most Important Details You Can Use to Design and Create the Most Fabulous Show Home

There are many expert interior designers and decorators who know exactly how to decorate a showhome. They know, for instance, that a showhome needs to be clean and free from clutter, and if you can, make sure the showhome smells exceedingly pleasant as well – and this is why brokers and estate agents usually have a plate of freshly-baked cookies on kitchen counters or a vase of sweet-smelling flowers on the entryway tables or the living room!

But there are some details, however small, which make a world of difference – details that include which accessories you choose and the pillows and rugs you select. The curtains you select can also make an impact, but how? Here are the top details you can use to design and create the most fabulous show home.

The accessories

Everyone knows that the accessories you choose for your show home can make it or break it, and even if you choose the most elegant and classy furniture and furnishings you can find, if it doesn’t go with your accessories, then it’s pointless. Remember, it’s the small details that make an impact, and it is often the accessories that can make a space look and feel luxurious.

For example, you can use a stunning bottle or vase and place it on a console or end table, and better yet, fill it with fragrant flowers. You can also add more impact and depth to a room with the lighting you select – and such a small accessory (which costs next to nothing) can add a welcoming glow to the space. Place several lamps strategically around each room, and make sure to change the wattage so you can emphasise the best spots or areas.

The rugs and pillows

There is a lot of value placed by showhome interior designers (like over rugs and pillows because the tiniest investment can have the greatest impact. Considering that everyone loves rugs and pillows, it’s no surprise that you can use them to their best advantage in many ways – and any room can be dressed up with the right pillows and rugs. The greatest thing about them is that they’re readily available and cheap, and they come in different colours and patterns to suit whatever room in the house you put them in.

The key is to mix and match them and to use colours and patterns that are similar. You don’t want them to look too uniform, of course, but at the same time, they should work well with other colours and patterns. One tip is to add an attractive throw over a chair or rocker, adding style and flair to an otherwise ordinary piece of furniture.

The curtains

There is no doubt that when used correctly, curtains add class and beauty to any space. If there is a darker room or area that needs lighting, use curtains. You can, for example, utilise an opaque, light-hued blind or shade to give some privacy, then add a decorative rod. Next, hang a panel of curtains on each window’s side, and if you want, you can also make use of a curtain topper that frames the windows – it can even make them look bigger.

Creating the best show home isn’t always about your budget – it’s also about making full use of your time and creative juices to come up with a space that anyone would be proud to call their own.


Images: Unsplash