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Top Ways to Create a Warm and Cosy Living Room

Top Ways to Create a Warm and Cosy Living Room

The living room is usually the heart of the home, where you settle down with the family for movie night, host social occasions or relax with a good book. It’s a space that needs to be prepared for everything you can throw at it, which includes providing a welcoming and warm atmosphere for everyone who uses it. So how can you make sure your living room is the warmest and cosiest it can be?

Use the right lighting

To feel warm and cosy, you definitely need the right ambient lighting. The best way to achieve this is through warm yellow bulbs or lighting accents as opposed to white light. Lamps are also better for creating a more cosy effect compared to harsh overhead lighting, so make sure to have one or two lamps in your living room in the right places to provide soft lighting in the evening. Extra ambient lighting like fairy lights or candles always helps when it comes to creating a warmer space.

Use soft furnishings 

A warm atmosphere is hard to create if you have cold materials, such as a leather sofa. If you’re a fan of leather, then you’ll definitely want to use soft blankets, throws, and fabric cushions to warm up your seating area. If you don’t like leather, then a fabric sofa with extra fabric cushions and accessories is the epitome of cosy. 

Replace hardwood floor with carpet

Hardwood floor is practical for many reasons, but it can get very cold if you don’t have underfloor heating (which is always an option, too). For the ultimate cosy space, carpet is a better choice, and especially if you can get a thicker, more fluffy one. 

If you prefer the aesthetic of a hardwood floor, then you can still make it cosy by laying down some area rugs or throw pillows to add a bit of extra warmth when you need it. Darker or warmer shades of a hardwood floor can also help for a deeper, cosier atmosphere as opposed to cold colours like white or grey. 

Upgrade your windows and doors

It’s going to be difficult to create a warm space if your windows and doors are letting in draughts, so it’s a good investment to upgrade them. Not only will this make your home more energy-efficient and reduce heating bills, but it’ll help to create a more sealed-off space for you to make cosy. Professionals like Wandsworth Sash Windows can tackle any draught issues for new window installation, so it’s important to never ignore if you can feel a draught when spending time in your living room.

Dress your windows

Windows are also key opportunities to add extra fabric warmth too. If you can use thick or thermal curtains on your windows, you can add extra layers of luxury and warmth to your space. This can be a preferable option to cold metal or faux wood blinds and also offers the opportunity for exploring colours and fabric patterns for your space.


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