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The Hottest Home and Interior Trends for 2018
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The Hottest Home and Interior Trends for 2018

Say goodbye to rose gold decor, pineapples and pastel colour schemes: online platform for independent boutiques,, announces its top trends to inspire homeowners (and renters!) for the year ahead. From daring and dynamic maximalism to perfectly imperfect wabi-sabi, stay ahead of the trends and refresh your home.


Originating from tea ceremonies in 15th century Japan, wabi-sabi finds beauty in imperfection and incompletion. The word ‘wabi’ connotes rustic simplicity, while ‘sabi’ alludes to the beauty or serenity that comes with age. In a refreshing move away from sleek and new ‘showroom’ style spaces, you can invite wabi-sabi into your home by using accessories with a homespun quality or imperfect finish.

Max out on maximalism

Interior styling and decor is embracing the maximalist movement for 2018. A reaction against the austerity of 2017 and Nordic minimalism, which has long reigned over interiors, maximalism means more colour, more texture and more fun – not one for the faint-hearted.

Line Drawings

Taking influence from 20th-century art and sculpture, figurative representations of the human form are no longer confined to canvas or stone. If you love the trend in jewellery and clothing design, why not deck out your table too?

Far-Fetched colour palette

Banish the January blues by embracing intense, warm tones, as 2018’s colour palette is heating up with one of the Pantone Colour palettes, ‘Far-Fetched’. Reddish hues can raise a room’s energy level, and Trouva recommends it for communal areas such as living rooms, hallways and dining rooms. If the thought of painting an entire room red makes you blush, consider softer hues such as burnt sienna and rust colours. Similarly, if an entire room revamp feels like too much of a bold commitment, introduce coloured accents into your space with decorative objects or soft furnishings.

Air plants

Following on from the botanic trends of 2017, we’re seeing a blossoming demand for air plants this year. As they don’t take up floor space, air plants are the perfect fuss-free companions for urban dwellers and space-poor homes. By absorbing moisture and nutrients from the air and the rain, they don’t need soil, or even to be potted. For more suggestions, discover Trouva’s selection of air plants and botanic accessories.

Statement lampshades

Retire your old lampshades – 2018 calls for a new wave of bold, sculptural lampshades. Whether it’s patterned paper, bold rattan or sculpted shapes, a statement shade can be a focal point for any space and is a simple swap to make.