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Stylish Design Ideas To Bring The Outside In Throughout Your Home

Stylish Design Ideas To Bring The Outside In Throughout Your Home

It’s no surprise that most people love getting outside when the suns out. But, with summer coming to an end, it can mark the close of the garden season as we head indoors to warm up. Getting outdoors can have significant health and mood-boosting benefits for everyone and for many, we’re just not doing it enough!!

Ok, so it might not be ideal if it’s pouring it down outside or there’s frost on the ground. However, there are some ways to enjoy the beauty of your personal outdoor spaces without leaving your home.

Take a look at these stylish design ideas that you can incorporate into your property to bring the outside in throughout your home:

Add a covered terrace space

The transitional seasons of spring and autumn can offer a mixed bag of weather, so it may be warm enough to sit outside, but you may need some coverage. To help you make the most of all weathers in your garden, why not consider a covered terrace area that links your property to the garden. This idea can be incorporated in both large and smaller sections and is ideal for entertaining throughout the year. You could also install French or bi-fold doors for the perfect outside-in transition.

Photo by Douglas Sheppard on Unsplash

Consider frameless glass balustrades

Bringing the outside-in doesn’t have to be restricted to ground floor levels either. If you have space for a balcony on your first or subsequent floors, including frameless glass balustrades, could be the perfect option. This seamless and uninterrupted screening option offers you the best views over your garden and landscape, but also provides security and protection while you enjoy your outside spaces.

Photo by Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash

Light from above

It’s not just doors and windows on the side of your home that can help bring the outside-in to your property. Why not consider bringing light in from above. Taking inspiration from conservatory design, you could include a roof lantern to capture views of the skies above. You can also install blinds or screening to help minimise glare and excess heat during hotter months and certain times of the day.

Photo by Kyle Brinker on Unsplash

Create a summer room

If you have a room that enjoys lots of light and could transition perfectly into your outside spaces, why not consider making it into a summer room. There are several options that could transform the room, including installing larger doors and windows that open up into the garden. If you don’t want to undertake a full renovation project, you could simply incorporate a cosy corner or window seat to enjoy views out into the garden.

Photo by Rob Wingate on Unsplash


Top image by Tanny Do on Unsplash