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How To Feng Shui Your Home Office

How To Feng Shui Your Home Office

Since the pandemic began, working from home has become the norm for many office workers in the UK. Adapting to our new working from home conditions has been a challenge for many of us, and has no doubt impacted our output, for better and for worse. But what if there was a way to improve our efficiency whilst remote working, in order to create a better work-life balance? Office supplies retailer Office Furniture Online has been exploring the art of Feng Shui and how introducing some simple principles of the popular technique can do just that.

What is Feng Shui?

The much-loved practice of Feng Shui in interior design is in fact the ancient Chinese system of balancing our physical environment to promote or restore harmony, peace and well-being. Those that adapt their homes according to Feng Shui believe that everything from furniture positions to decor has an ‘energy’ and how we arrange these things can impact all aspects of our lives. So bearing this in mind, Feng Shui is an ideal practice to observe in our dedicated home office space in order to improve productivity and efficiency. 

The best colour for a home office

When it comes to boosting creativity and productivity, the colours in your environment can have a subliminal effect on your mindset. Whether you’re interested in repainting the walls of your home office, or simply adding accent colours, here are the best colours to enhance motivation: 

Green – Any shade of green is ideal for those working long hours as it’s easy on the eyes.

Blue – An intellectual colour that is best used in spaces that require focus and concentration, making it a perfect shade for the home office decor.

Yellow – This bright colour can positively affect our emotions and boosts happiness.

Orange – Ideal for creative spaces, orange is also associated with warmth and comfort. 

Position your furniture correctly

Another element of how to Feng Shui your home office is to consider the position of your furniture. The placement of your desk is important in a home office, especially when it comes to attracting that all-important positive energy into your working environment. Your desk should be in a ‘commanding position’ which means it promises you a full view of the room and facing towards the door. Be mindful of not facing a wall while working, if possible, as this can block energy and becomes a symbol of facing obstacles or blockages in your mindset. If this is unavoidable you can use mirrors placed on the walls to show who is entering your space and ensuring you don’t miss any opportunities. Positioning your desk and office chair diagonally opposite the door is ideal as it is the ‘power position’. 

The placement of your desk is dependent on the space that you have to utilise, however, we always recommend playing around with the layout as best as you can. If you’re used to furniture being a certain way in your home office, it might take a fresh pair of eyes to suggest a new layout that works for you. 

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Declutter & organise

The basic principle of how to Feng Shui a space is for everything to have its own designated place. Having a cluttered home office can restrict productivity and be distracting, both through the visual impact of having items spread across the room and the physical limitations of not being able to move freely. Decluttering fan and queen of the minimalism trend Marie Condo says that you should get rid of anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’ in your life. As we’re talking about a home office, everything should ideally spark creativity and productivity. 

Bring the outside inside

Creating the ultimate Feng Shui home office isn’t just about clearing out and tidying up, it also involves adding the right pieces in. Look for decorative items that display your personality and goals to provide inspiration and motivation during your working day at home. Wood is an incredibly popular material for Feng Shui experts, as it symbolises growth, so consider wooden shelving or a wooden desk to incorporate this element. In a similar vein, plants, whether it’s a pot plant or a small desk plant, can bring an extra splash of greenery can really help create balance in your room. 

Plants also help purify the air, refreshing not only the energy of your space but also your own physical and spiritual energy. This improved air quality, along with open windows to allow the air to circulate will help boost motivation and concentration levels. 

So, why not Feng Shui your home office and reap the benefits of its power to boost your mood and productivity levels! 


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