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Tips To Help Create a Connection Between Your Indoor and Outdoor Space

Tips To Help Create a Connection Between Your Indoor and Outdoor Space

Some people can view their home as individual rooms, each with its own purpose and style, while others see a space with a connection between each room and the overall design reflects this. As everyone has different tastes, we’re not going to say one is better than the other.

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Even with these differences, a more common trend with home design is to have a distinct separation between indoor and outdoor space. For some people, their outdoor space is minimal, while others have access to an expansive garden and outdoor area.

There has been a trend in recent years to create a greater sense of connection between the inside and outside of a home. This may sound odd to some people reading this but bear with us. Spending time outside and in nature can be great for relieving stress and helping you relax. Alongside this, nature and the outdoors have some fantastic colours which are often underutilised in interior design. Bringing these elements into your home can help make it a more relaxing and enjoyable place to spend time. In 2021, more than any other year as we continue to protect ourselves against the pandemic, we need our homes to be a place where we can relax and feel comfortable.

With this in mind, we have put together a few tips to help you create a connection between the outdoors and inside your home. These tips and ideas cover small changes you can make, up to more significant and ambitious changes to your home.

House plants

There are many benefits to house plants other than just helping you create a connection to nature. They help oxygenate the room and can add a great splash of colour to any room. It isn’t always about the size or number of house plants, but by placing them in strategic places, you can really help build a connection to the outside. Next to windows will help the plants get as much sunlight as possible, but don’t be afraid to place them away from walls, on side tables for example.

Nature feature walls

Wallpaper can have a bad reputation, but brands have worked really hard over the years to create some stunning designs which can look amazing in your home. There are different nature prints available, so it really comes down to what kind of design you want, and that will fit with your home.

As these designs can be really bold and eye-catching choosing the right wall to place them on to create a feature wall is essential. If you have a kitchen which looks out onto a garden, then a wall next to the window can work well. Alternatively, you can experiment with wall tiles for kitchens, perhaps even a nature-inspired backsplash to give a more subtle reference to the outside world rather than a whole feature wall.

Exposed wood

One of the easiest ways to give your home a more natural feel and connection to the outside is by using natural exposed wood. Lots of furniture is available with exposed wood, and it can look fantastic in both modern and traditional homes. It’s also highly versatile, you can put wood furniture in any room in your home, and it can look great. There are also lots of options now with reclaimed wood furniture and older pieces that have been restored, which can give your home a more vintage and more personal feel while also bringing in the natural look and feel of real wood.

Bi-fold doors

We understand this is a big project and that in some homes it won’t be practical, but in those homes where you can install bi-fold doors, you can create something stunning. Bi-fold doors allow you to really open up your home to the outside world and make a real connection between inside and outside.

Ideal for a living room at the back of your house leading into your garden, bi-fold doors are popular in modern open-plan homes. Some may be concerned about doors leading directly into a garden, but if you have the right flooring inside your home, this shouldn’t be a problem. For example, vinyl flooring is very durable and easy to clean should kids run back inside from the garden with muddy feet. By removing the hard barriers to the outside and replacing them with glass and bi-fold doors, you can really help create a space that feels connected to the outside world.

Alternate seasonal decorations

We mentioned earlier about using house plants, but you can take this a step further but using seasonal flowers and other decorations to reflect the colours from outside in your home. During autumn months you can fill your house with reds and oranges to reflect the changing of the leaves but come spring and summer it’s time to introduce a variety of colours to evoke the feeling of new flowers coming into bloom. It also doesn’t have to be flowers or plant, something as simple as changing the cushions and rugs on your sofa can help create that connection to the changing seasons outside your home.

Image credit – Amtico – Amtico The Plaid DC302 – Designers Choice Collection

There are many ways you can create a connection between your indoor and outdoor space, and this is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully, it gave you some ideas to be thinking about. It’s really important that you feel comfortable in your home, and for some people, making it feel more like the calm and relaxing environments of nature can help.

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