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Best Of British? It’s The Bathroom!

Best Of British? It’s The Bathroom!

The quote has always gone one way – an Englishman’s castle is his home. Recently, this seems to have moved to the garden – or even the shed! The English garden is fabled. Gardens are great for playing around in, chilling out in and having fun in – be it a bouncy castle or a BBQ party. The garden can do a lot – but the pride and joy? It’s a bit much. For one, the garden can only really be used in the summer. Britain and summer? Come off of it! It get’s hot a bit, but the rain is never far away. We’re a temperate climate, and we are not on the Costa Del Sol – but you’ll be led to believe that.

For the real pride and joy – your best bet is the bathroom. It’s a room with actual use; it’s a room with a lot of potential. It’s a room that can be funky and functional. The trouble is, we can’t camp out in the bathroom, or have a party in there – or socialise in there. It’s overlooked because our time spent in the bathroom is minimal – as it should be really. We go in there to wash, and get clean (and of course, for other reasons if your bathroom contains a toilet – some toilets have their own rooms).

We get a lot of value from the bathroom – not only does a smart looking bathroom boost the value of a home (bathroom renovations are amazing from improving any return of investment in a home) – but what is better than the post-shower or bath feeling of being clean and relaxed? Not much. Washing is an underrated part of modern life. Back in the day, a bathtub would be shared – but no more. Power showers and big baths are the norm now. We take it for granted – because it is so, so easy to get clean.

There are not many rooms that look as stylish as a well-designed bathroom. Any improvements made to a bathroom really do stand out – even incremental ones. This can’t be said for other rooms, where renovations aren’t clear or don’t add value until the job is done. Improvements in the bathroom like new showers really do look good – but also feel good. It’s all noticeable. Through sites like Bathroom Takeaway, we can also get all manner of amazing bathroom accessories. Anyone with the right budget can make a great bathroom a reality.

What makes a great bathroom though? Well – you need the facilities to wash – obviously. Apart from that, it needs to look good. Tiles are order of the day – be they tiny mosaics or large porcelain plates. Tiles are good because water drips off of them and evaporates easily, unlike carpet where it stays and wood where it rots. Small design quirks, like tile strips – or even some wooden finishes when suitable look great. A bathroom needs to have accessories as well, and plenty of storage options. Everyone can achieve this.