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Tips For Creating An Inspiring Work Space
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Tips For Creating An Inspiring Work Space

We love getting insight from entrepreneurs within the creative sector, and recently editor Natasha had the pleasure of chatting to Pri Kruijen, founder of marketing agency Brilliantly Visible on what it’s like running a business from home, but also what you can do to make it your creative haven.

Where it all began…

Pri Kruijen is her own boss and works from home, running her own business Brilliantly Visible, a marketing agency focused on SEO for creative businesses. Having previously worked for organisations in a typical 9-5 office environment, when Pri made the decision to start her own business a few years ago she knew in order to be productive, make the business a true success she was going to have to master the art of working from her London home without falling into the trap of getting distracted by home life and allowing her home/work/life balance to fall off centre.

“One of the best things about working from home is the freedom you have to change your schedule and take the impromptu day off whenever you need a sofa day. While that may seem true to some, I actually realised that working from home was negatively impacting my work-life balance. There was no way for me to shut the door on my ‘office’ when my ‘office’ was the living room table”, Pri comments.

If you have found yourself in a similar rut or you are just starting to work for yourself, here are Pri’s tips on banishing that feeling and creating an inspiring workspace that you will love to work in.

Decide where you will work

We have a second bedroom so deciding where to move my Macbook and endless post-its was an easy decision. Having a dedicated workspace where you can physically close the door will help you keep your work worries in that space. I know that sounds ridiculous but having all of your work in another room means it’s not right there while you try to enjoy a night off and watch a movie.

Some of my friends have their own converted garage at the end of the garden but if that isn’t an option, having a quiet space in your spare bedroom works.

Pri Kruijen

Write a list of all the things that you need to work

Grab a piece of paper and write down all the things you need for your perfect workspace. This may be obvious things – like your computer, printer, notebooks and pens but asides from that, also think about what you need to surround you. What is going to make your workspace truly yours?

In the winter, I love nothing better than soft and warm materials around me, uplifting candles, cups of warm tea and music in the background. In the summer, my workspace is stripped down to the bare minimum and my decor changes to reflect the longer days. I’ll invest more in flowers and greenery around me to focus more on the fresh smell of summer.

Shopping for inspiration

Rather than search online for inspiration, I like to head straight to the shops to find some inspirations and look for pieces to fit my office. Designing your office space should be unique to your needs and it’s really easy to fall into an inspirational rabbit hole when searching for images on Pinterest.

I recommend using textures as a way of keeping things interesting. In the winter, I tend to use neutral colours from my branding palette, whereas, in the summer, I love changing it up with vibrant colours.

Start organising and bringing your new office space to life

Once you’ve found all the right pieces, it’s time to start creating your inspirational office space. Go beyond just your desk and think about the space as a whole. Add pictures or quotes on your wall to inspire you, gifts from clients or loved ones next to your desk and a clock so you can stay productive without being reliant on your phone.

Bringing it all together

The final step to setting up your home office is actually using it. I love working in my office in the morning as the sun is coming up and it’s peaceful as I tend to function better. I’ll be honest and admit that sometimes (especially in the winter), I’ll put on my comfiest PJs, grab a blanket and head to the sofa and work. I tend to do this when I have a really slow workday where I’m reading something repetitive like social media scheduling.

Having a workspace I’ve designed to fit my personality and brand has really helped me become more productive. I’ve found that I can leave my ‘office’ at the end of the day and not have to worry about switching off and if I do need to get back to someone, I can do.

If you’ve been struggling to create the perfect place for you or keeping to a definite schedule, I’d recommend creating your own office space so you can stay accountable.


Images courtesy of Brilliantly Visible