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Using Colour To Create Moods in a New Build Home

Using Colour To Create Moods in a New Build Home

Are you looking to move into a modern property? There are many benefits of choosing a house in a new build development rather than focusing on the existing stock market. The main advantage is that these buildings are well-insulated and fitted with a brand-new boiler, providing excellent energy efficiency to save you money on your monthly bills. New homes also come with the latest modern conveniences, from quality showers to an induction cooker.

However, there is no question that new build properties can be lacking in character. This is deliberate to ensure a mass appeal, but the total neutrality can feel cold and even unwelcoming at first. Luckily, something as simple as introducing colour acts as an instant lift to the interior design, bringing warmth and joy in just a few strokes. Get ready for your move-in day with this guide on using colour to create moods in a new build home.

Promote sleep with a blue bedroom

Most designers and sleep experts are agreed that blue is the best colour for the bedroom. This is because blue promotes a sense of tranquillity which encourages your mind to drop off quickly. Blue also evokes feelings of trust and stability which are thought to help you stay asleep for longer. For the best night’s rest, early birds should opt for a shade similar to the sky on a sunny day. Night owls may benefit more from a deeper shade that promotes sleep well into the morning.

Warm the living room with terracotta

As a space designed for relaxation and hosting guests, the living room should feel warm and inviting rather than cold and clinical. Rich autumnal colours work perfectly to deliver that desired effect. Terracotta fits this description perfectly: on the walls, it is exuberant and cosy, or you can choose to use terracotta tiles as flooring for a less in-your-face but nonetheless effective result. Contrasting terracotta with cool tones such as grey and deep blue helps to keep a sense of sophistication.

Use green for a serene bathroom

Green is one of the most popular colours for houses. We have many positive associations with the colour green: it reminds us of being in nature, makes us feel motivated, and has a calming effect. Introducing green into the bathroom creates a serene atmosphere, perfect for those who love long showers or afternoons languishing in the tub. It also inspires a mood of freshness and cleanliness.

Embrace yellow for cheerful cooking

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Cooking can be therapeutic, and for enthusiastic chefs, the kitchen acts as a restful retreat. It is also an important bonding space for couples, families, and groups of friends. With this in mind, it is best to keep things cheerful in the kitchen! Yellow, the colour of sunshine, will create a year-round summer setting in your kitchen, ensuring a happy atmosphere and a sense of optimism to fuel your mood.

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