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How To Bring The 2020 Fashion Trends To Life in Your Jewellery Selection

How To Bring The 2020 Fashion Trends To Life in Your Jewellery Selection

Now that we are spending more time at home, with plenty of free time on our hands, it is the perfect time to take pleasure in relaxed activities and put more energy into interests that you normally wouldn’t have time for.


If you are passionate about the latest fashion trends and want to know more about how to keep your jewellery on-trend for 2020. Below, Joshua James, highlight three big 2020 fashion trends and how to nail them with your jewellery choices this spring/summer season:


Unsurprisingly, given the volume of conversations around ethical purchasing and the environmental issues with fast fashion, sustainability was a strong feature in many of the fashion shows so far in 2020. The increased dedication of multiple brands to the environment were demonstrated in the likes of Mulberry’s ‘first 100% sustainable leather bag’ and Hilfiger’s ‘75% sustainable collection’. 

To weave the sustainability trend into your own selections, you could take some time to sort through your jewellery and look at the opportunities to restore or up-cycle it. When jewellery has been neglected it can often look dull and ready to be thrown away, however, there are many expert cleaning products available online that can help restore the shine on metals or the sparkle of a precious stone.

It can often be surprising how tarnished a piece of jewellery may have become over time, which makes it all the more satisfying when it has been given a good clean and restored to its best. Furthermore, when you have finished and are admiring your work, you are likely to experience a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Alternatively, another creative activity you may want to try is to look at where you may be able to combine your pieces to create something new and entirely unique. For example, securing a lightweight bangle onto the bottom of an earring could make a unique, statement earring. Just be careful not to add heavyweight to an earring because this could pull on your earlobe. If you only have suitable jewellery additions to up-cycle one earring then do not panic; wearing a single statement earring is one of the boldest jewellery trends to try for 2020!

Half and Half

One of the more outlandish trends on the runway this year has been the ‘half and half’ look. The idea was showcased by designer, Sally LaPointe and that same outfit had been widespread in the press when worn by rapper Cardi B. The simple idea behind the trend is to wear an outfit that features two colours, however, they should be essentially split down the middle. 

In order to practice this daring look with your accessories, try to look for groups of colours you may have across different jewellery types then mix and match them. For example, in an outfit where one half is black and the other half is pink, try a pink earring, bracelet and ring on one side, and black jewellery on the other side to match your outfit and tick off this trend. 


A trend that is currently transcending both fashion and interior design is the focus on heirloom-esque pieces. In interior design, the style is being hailed as ‘Grandmillenial’ because experts are seeing millennials choosing furniture pieces from their grandparents or upcycling furniture from antique shops. In fashion, however, this trend is materialising from retailers in the form of elegant locket necklaces and signet rings that can be customised with your own initial.

To incorporate this trend into your own style, if appropriate ask family members if they have any pieces they would be happy to give you. These authentic, heirloom pieces are timeless and a beautiful addition to your wardrobe to add a sophisticated edge to any outfit. 

If you do choose to purchase new heirloom-inspired jewellery online instead, there are plenty of considerately made choices available that you can plan to have delivered when possible. While embracing the heirloom trend you are likely to be incorporating a couple of the other major jewellery trends for 2020, including colourful, statement jewellery and also pearls. 

Overall, there is some great inspiration that can be taken from the 2020 catwalks so far this year to consider in your jewellery selection, and whether you need products to clean your existing jewellery or decide to purchase some new pieces, there are lots of options available. 


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