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Timeless Jewellery And Accessories That’ll Never Go Out of Style
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Timeless Jewellery And Accessories That’ll Never Go Out of Style

This post contains gifted items

If you follow my Insta @tashaahenson, you’ll know that I’m a serial outfit repeater. To be honest, I always have been, preferring quality buys over cheap throwaway stuff. That also goes for my jewellery.

I don’t have tons of costume jewellery, and heavens forbid if I put cheap metal in my ears – that’s an experience I don’t want to repeat.

Jewellery is also something that often means a lot to a person, and many of my pieces are from loved ones and have sentimental value. So when it comes to choosing new jewellery, I like to find out a little more about the brand and consider how it’ll work it into my capsule outfits.

Recently a couple of brands have caught my eye, and I was fortunate to see first hand how beautiful their designs are. Take a look below:

Nico Rua

Nico Rua is a boutique jewellery brand that is based in the heart of England. Founder Nicola O’Reilly and her team ethically source its stunning pieces. Plus, every step is taken to ensure the brand strives to be sustainable and ethical in their practices from sourcing to packaging.

You’ll find everything from dainty bracelets to colourful crystal pendants and a personal favourite – lockets. I’ve always loved locket necklaces as it’s the perfect way to personalise your jewellery with a keepsake. I recently styled the beautifully crafted Celestine Moon & Star locket on my Insta grid and paired it with my favourite blazer for London Fashion Week.

The Celestine Moon & Star locket is made from 18ct gold plated sterling silver which gives it a gorgeous golden colour. This style of jewellery never goes out of fashion and is the perfect addition to my collection.

Find out more about this beautiful jewellery here.

Florence London

You may already know Florence London. Formerly known as Whistle & Bango (I mean who wasn’t totally obsessed with their iconic bangles). This jewellery brand is making its mark at home and across the globe. Founder and designer Rosie Florence captures a timeless beauty in each piece and offers stylish accessories for both men and women.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, Florence London is an ideal choice. There are gorgeous bangles and necklaces, plus pieces that you can personalise. Florence London also has a selection of dainty earrings and studs.

As I mentioned above, choosing earrings has always been a bit of a challenge for me – for some reason, my ear lobes are super sensitive. However, I recently styled Florence London’s cute 18ct gold plated Little Letter Earrings, and they’re perfect. They add a subtle yet stylish feature to your outfit and pair beautifully with other gold pieces. These earrings are also available in silver and rose gold plated too.

Check out the whole Florence London collection here.


Cluse is another accessories brand that you may already be familiar with. Their gorgeous timepieces have graced the arms of many influencers over Instagram. And it’s not hard to see why they’re a big hit with lovers of statement watches. I have a bit of a thing for gold jewellery and accessories at the moment. If you head over to my Insta page, you’ll see I style most of my outfits with simple pieces.

So when Cluse gifted me this beautiful La Tétragone watch, I couldn’t wait to style it with my favourite looks. You’ll find a selection of stunning watches including leather-strap designs and both square and round face styles, in a range of colours too. So there’s definitely something for everyone. They make the perfect gift for both men and women.

Check out the new collections here.


Do you have any favourites that you can’t live without? Share them below!