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Boujee On a Budget: Re-create Carrie Bradshaw’s Most Iconic Looks With £100

Boujee On a Budget: Re-create Carrie Bradshaw’s Most Iconic Looks With £100

And Just Like That season two is finally here, and fashionistas are feeling inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s most iconic looks as her standout newspaper dress currently trends on Google, with searches up by 250% in the last week alone.

With Carrie’s wardrobe of dreams costing a pretty penny, it’s no surprise that fans of the show are wanting to get her looks for less and increasingly popular second-hand sites such as Depop are offering sustainable shoppers more affordable dupes of her clothing staples. 

One of Europe’s leading price comparison sites,, has revealed shoppers can replicate some of the character’s most memorable outfits from the pre-loved shopping platform for less than £105.

The most notable trends kickstarted by Carrie Bradshaw and costs according to Depop:

Slip dresses- £11.40

One of Carrie’s most notable wardrobe moments is her ability to wear underwear as outerwear. Dressed up with pared-back mules and a fuzzy coat, this versatile look is still trending to this day and can be easily recreated on Depop for as little as £11.40.

Credit: Very

Little grey dress- £8.40

Carrie’s little grey dress, seen in the early episodes of SATC season two, is one of the most copied looks, with A-list celebrity’s such as Kendal Jenner and Zendaya recently seen wearing similar dresses. For those looking to join the little grey dress club, shoppers could find the iconic dress for just £8.40.

Cargo trousers- £15.00

A little more pricey at £15.00, cargo trousers have become increasingly popular with the rise of the dad trend, and Carrie Bradshaw is one of those responsible for the chic 90’s look becoming so famous. 

Credit: Threadbare

Barely there sandals- £14.90

They were a staple in the nineties, and they still are now, the iconic barely there sandals worn by Carrie in SATC in about 100 different variations can be bought today for an average price of £14.90 second-hand.

Faux fur coat- £23.00

Throughout the show, Carrie regularly opted for a luxurious, knee-length vintage fur coat as her go-to jacket. The statement fur coat is a versatile investment piece that can be purchased second-hand on Depop for around £23.00.

Credit: Oliver Bonas

Heritage handbags- £28.40

A heritage handbag to complete the wardrobe is the most expensive item, but still being picked up for under £30. Carrie was often seen styling the iconic Dior Saddle Bag that made a return back in 2019, and Depop has a host of nostalgic handbags that can be purchased for an average of £28.40.

Top image: Office

*Above prices subject to change -idealo looked at 100 items for sale on Depop under each of the six clothing categories being analysed to reveal the average prices for all looks.