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How To Choose The Perfect Antique Engagement Ring

How To Choose The Perfect Antique Engagement Ring

Popping the question is both an exciting and daunting moment, and perhaps one of the most significant decisions attached to the planning is whether or not to purchase the ring in advance or choose it together afterwards.

Antique engagement rings make a stunning alternative to a brand new ‘just made’ ring, and the trend for picking a ring that comes with history is growing.

Something old

Something borrowed, something blue. We all know the wedding day adage, and it actually sums up perfectly the engagement ring given to Kate Middleton when Prince William proposed all those years ago. Her iconic blue sapphire ring is perhaps one of the most instantly recognisable in the world, and of course, it came from his mother, Princess Diana. History, particular that handed down through a family in the form of an antique ring is a beautiful way to pay tribute to your heritage and create a lasting legacy. But this might not be an option for everyone, and if you do not have an heirloom in your family, Flaxman Fine Jewellery has some ideas for choosing the perfect vintage piece.

Watch the terminology

Now, vintage can actually be more commonly attached to old costume jewellery; this is to say the ring will be made from brass and be simply plated rather than solid gold. The stones may also just be glass rather than precious stones. So, when you begin your journey to find the perfect engagement ring, be sure to ask for period fine jewellery as opposed to vintage. The popularity of such items has exploded as we already mentioned, and one of the reasons for the trend is the sustainability aspect, taking a beautiful piece and giving it a new life rather than leaving it sat in an antique dealer’s window for years to come.

Credit: Flaxman Jewellery

Pick a style

The beautiful thing about an antique engagement ring is that you have more choice in style. Traditional engagement rings tend to be gold or white gold with princess cut diamonds, but the truth is your ring should be an extension of your personalities as a couple, and the sky is the limit. Birthstones are a favourite alternative, she might want to wear your birthstone in her engagement ring, or perhaps that of a relative who is no longer with us that is significant in your being together. There are many different means attached to precious stones, so be sure to do some research and see what catches your eye and represents you as a couple, you cannot make a wrong choice here.

Keep it real

Sadly, with the best will in the world, there are still some unscrupulous dealers out there who would happily sell you costume jewellery for fine period piece money. Be sure to do your research, so you know you are getting a genuine article before you part with your hard-earned cash. You are looking for two reports on the gemstone to verify the authenticity, known as a gemological report the two leading; most reputable providers are GIA and HRD laboratory. If there is nothing available to view, then you should be getting an expert opinion to assess the ring for you. Someone who has graduated in gemmology would be a good starting point. It might sound like a lot of effort but for such an essential piece of jewellery well worth it. Gold has various hallmarks to confirm the weight, so be sure you have an idea of what to look for and if you are not sure, seek professional help.

Credit: Flaxman Jewellery

Final considerations

While the ring is primarily down to personal taste, it is worth noticing that opals and pearls are particularly soft gemstones and are not suitable for everyday use. It would be likely to attain damage quickly, which would be upsetting. Be sure that the stones are well set and not lose, which does happen from time to time, especially with older jewellery, but they can be reset and made secure again. If the ring you have your heart set on is the wrong size, there are options for resizing, and again be sure to have this done by a skilled jeweller who will ensure you won’t even notice his work once complete. Once you are sure you have the genuine article not a replica or costume piece then really all that is left is to make the payment, and if you have not done so already ask those magical four words that she has been hoping to hear.


Top image: Unsplash