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Top Festival Fashion Trends 2022

Top Festival Fashion Trends 2022

We’ve just watched Glastonbury Festival wind down, and one thing that is quite cool about festival culture is that it brings many great fashion outfits with it. There are some things that people would only wear at a festival because of the magical confines of the festival; it’s often incredibly fun and fashionable to dress up in a different way.

There is lots of inspiration for the best festival outfits online and in stores across the UK. So, check out some of the top trends this season if you’re planning your looks. 


Early 2000s fashion is back with a bang in 2022 festival fashion. Think mini skirts, shiny fabrics, baguette bags and wide-leg jeans – it’s all in trend again. These looks are perfect for the festival season, especially if the weather is on point.

Crocheted clothing  

If you can crochet it, then you’re festival ready. There’s something unique about crochet and its handmade touch. In addition, the patterns and texture of the clothing make it a fun addition to your festival wardrobe. What’s more, there are hats, tops and co-ords perfect for summer. 

Beads galore

Beaded clothing and accessories are another top festival fashion trend. You can make your own or opt for the unique items available from top fashion brands. Bracelets, necklaces, fashion accessories, and bags – all look great with beading embellishments while you party the night away. 

If you’re feeling brave – the louder, more colourful beads, the better!

Bucket hats

Want to keep protected from the sun but want to stay looking cool? Then a bucket hat is the perfect festival accessory. This cute addition creates the perfect 90s vibe, which is another big trend for 2022.

Bright, bold colours are certainly a big feature. What’s more, pair your hat with a crochet dress, colourful accessories and chunky trainers, and you’re onto a festival fashion winner.

Cut out dresses

Festival fashion is the perfect time to experiment with different trends, such as the gorgeous cut-out dress. These styles accentuate your shape and create a fun vibe while you party all day and night.

Bold prints

Nothing says festival season more than a bold print. In the early days of festivals, bright, colourful prints were a massive trend for free-spirited souls. Anything goes with this look. Animal print, marble patterns and print clashing are top choices. You can also delve into a host of colours to make your look pop.

So, festival fashion is definitely a unique beast. A lot of the typical fashion trends seem to go out the window in the spirit of the festival culture, which is often about access, free spirits, individuality, and just having a good time.


Images: Unsplash