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90s jewellery trends are making a comeback
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90s jewellery trends are making a comeback

You’ll be excited to learn that 90s jewellery is making a comeback this summer! Perfect for wearing to festivals or celebrating a sunny day, these nostalgic designs will bring a smile to your face and up your fashion credentials.

Check out our top picks below, and don’t forget to team them with crimped hair, jelly shoes and your very best crop top.

Turkish eyes

If you ever went on holiday to Turkey as a 90s kid, there’s no doubt you came back with a Turkish eye bracelet — and a matching one for your best friend. The eye amulet, known as a nazar, is supposed to protect you against the ‘evil eye’ curse.

We’re used to these beads being hung on black-string necklaces and bracelets, but the trend now is a little more sophisticated. In the Thomas Sabo collection at Burns Jewellers, you’ll find nazars in sterling silver and rose gold. My favourite pick is this bracelet charm, with its stylish turquoise stone.


Perfect for wearing when you’re barefoot — whether you’re at the beach or enjoying a picnic at the park — anklets are a fun summer accessory. River Island has a great selection of body jewellery, and I particularly like this delicate hippie-style anklet. Team yours with a pair of harem trousers or denim shorts.

Toe rings

Prepare to get your feet out of hibernation, as sandal weather is upon us! And what better way to celebrate than by accessorising with some cute toe rings? Wear halfway down your second toe, and give your toe nails a polish to complete the look.

I love the green rhinestones in this gold-plated toe ring, and think they’ll look great alongside a coral nail colour, like Kensington Passage from Nails Inc, and some light-coloured strappy sandals. A white wedge mule will really finish the 90s theme!

Tattoo chokers

Claire’s Accessories is where every girl spent her pocket money (and got her ears pierced) in the 90s. Novelty earrings, belly bars, and friendship bracelets were all the rage — but no jewellery quite represents the decade like a tattoo choker. And now you can relive your youth by getting one from the very same shop. Wear as part of the grunge girl look on those gloomier British summer days.

Black Tattoo Choker Necklace, £4.50 at Claire’s Accessories

Happy summer everyone, and enjoy expressing your inner 90s kid!


Image credit – Unsplash