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10 Styles and Accessories Perfect For Festival Season

10 Styles and Accessories Perfect For Festival Season

The shops are full of bright colours, glitter, bum bags, pop up tents and camping chairs, that can only mean one thing – festival season is almost here! So as you prepare for a weekend of drinks, dancing and killer Instagram posts, top of your list is going to be getting your outfits on-trend (you can find somewhere to sleep later, right?).

There are so many fun and funky options out there, plus you’ll need to stock up on festival accessories and more glitter than a child’s arts and crafts box! But planning the perfect look can take time and careful thought, what vibe are you going for – unicorn, punk or festival princess? The choice is yours!

To help you out though, have put together a guide of the top ten festival styles and accessories you’re going to want this year, so you can look great all weekend.

Throw it back with some flares

We’re throwing it back to the 70s with our first trend, something which has sky-rocketed back to popularity in recent months – yep, you guessed it flare pants! Festivals are the perfect time to wear bright colours and outrageous styles that you might not consider wearing to your local on a Friday night, so why not invest in a statement pair of flares for the weekend. Not only are these majorly comfortably, but they look great paired with a cute crop top or bralette too (but more on those styles later).

Bedazzle them with body jewels

We may have already mentioned glitter (once or twice) but pair this magic dust with body jewels and you’ll create something truly magnificent. It might feel a little over the top, but that’s what festivals are all about! This is your chance to wander around shining brighter than the sun, no questions asked.

These are perfect for jazzing up any outfit, so you don’t need to choose anything too over the top to wear with it. Think bodysuit, denim shorts and sandals and let the bedazzling begin. You can add these to your face, arms, hair – anywhere you want to add a little sparkle really.

Dust off your Daisy Dukes

Nothing says festival like a classic pair of teeny tiny denim shorts and you can pair these with a bodysuit, T-shirt, crop top, and a hoody when things get chilly in the evening. They’re so versatile that it’s no wonder they’re a festival favourite. After all, they’re timeless, sassy and easy to throw on in your tent. So dust of your Daisy Dukes because festival time is here.

And if after all this you’re still feeling like these are a little bit plain or predictable, don’t forget you can always jazz them up with the aforementioned body jewels!

Choose the perfect hat

Sun hats, bucket hats, snapbacks, visors – anything goes at a festival, right? You can find a hat to match pretty much any outfit, so put some careful thought into something that you can wear all weekend and that will really set your vibe. Plus, hats are the perfect way to complete your look and keep the sun out of your eyes. It’s a win-win really.

Release your inner boho child

Why not embrace the swinging 60s, flower power and boho chic for your festival look. Let out your inner boho child as you sleep in tents, crowd round campfires and enjoy acoustic guitar solos with strangers late into the night. For this look, you should choose gypsy prints, crocheted jackets (well anything crocheted is great) flower crowns and body jewellery. Then to complete the look find yourself a tasselled or woven side bag for your belongings. 

Let it flow with a maxi dress

Following on with these flower power vibes, transform yourself into a gyspy princess with a flowing maxi dress. If you don’t want to wear a floral crown, why not pair your flowing dress with a floppy sun hat and some sandals. This look is so effortless but effective, not to mention that maxi dresses are incredibly comfortable, easy to throw on and perfect for a summers day!

Make a statement with sunglasses

Just as with a hat, there are so many varieties of sunglasses to choose from and these are perfect for making a statement and completing your look. And best of all, it doesn’t even have to be sunny to wear them, because guess what, you’re at a festival and anything goes. Pick bright bold frames, tiny hippy specs or classic aviators – whatever suits your style. These are the ultimate festival accessory. Plus they’re great for hiding tired eyes the next day.

Bust out the bralettes

If you’re after a look that will turn heads then bralettes are the festival trend you need this year. Go for gold, or perhaps even metallic bralettes to add extra sass to your outfit. These are already pretty risqué, so try to pair these with trousers, flares or a maxi skirt for a fun and sexy look. 

Rock out with boots and fishnets

If you’re more of the rock/grunge type, consider pairing your denim shorts with fishnets and boots. You could even take it one step further and complete the look with your favourite band tee. Not only does this give the perfect grunge look but boots are also very practical footwear for a long day on your feet and an even longer night of dancing. Just be sure to pack a plaster or two in case of blisters! 

Complete the look with a crop top

The 90s has also made a comeback in recent years as crop tops have dominated the shelves of all our favourite stores – and these are perfect for your festival look. A different crop top every day? Sorted! Plus they don’t take up a great deal of space in your bag, saving more room for food and drink (oh, and dry shampoo). Best of all these can be paired with anything high-waisted, be that your shorts, skirt, flares or jeans and they’ll keep you cool all day as you’re rocking out to your favourite bands.


Image credits: Unsplash