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3 Fashionable Ways To Mark A Special Event In Your Life

3 Fashionable Ways To Mark A Special Event In Your Life

In life, certain milestones come and go, but that doesn’t make them feel any less special. We all remember the day we became fully licensed to drive and the time we drove our first car from the lot; sometimes, an event allows you to become free, enjoy your time more, or simply herald a new beginning.


For some people, marking a special event in their life is a great excuse for making a new fashionable decision. For instance, it’s not uncommon for those celebrating being hired for a new, great job to get a sharp haircut and invest in their wardrobe a little more, upgrading their personal and professional self-expression in one fell swoop.

It’s true that this can also apply to other circumstances from time to time, too. For instance, if you’ve recently found out some good news, this can inspire a spending spree and the means to celebrate with a new piercing, a new set of clothes, or something that inspires you. 

In this post, we’ll discuss a few ways you can make a special event in your life even more special by integrating it into your personality and wardrobe.

A tattoo

A tattoo as body art can be a great way of implementing something you wish to remember as part of your personality forever. For some, this might be as worthwhile as a child’s name, for others, it might be a depiction of a grandparent they’ve adored and sadly lost. Those who enlist sometimes find themselves getting tattoos to remember their time with their squadmates, while it’s not uncommon for couples or best of friends to get matching tattoos that mean something. Now that the stigma of this is dying out, it’s not hard to see why more people are considering it an option; and beautiful, worthwhile work can be part of this.

A new timepiece

Making the decision to treat yourself to a new watch can be fantastic; particularly if you’re doing so to mark a special occasion or something worth remembering. A great watch, well-engineered and kept, can be with you for a lifetime and become passed down from there. It’s not uncommon for families to hold onto watches purchased by their great grandparents in World War 2, for instance, or to do so with another event that echoes through your family life. Perhaps you could be the family member who passes this item down with care and consideration.

A jewellery memento

Jewellery is often considered to be a long-lasting item, of course, we purchase engagement rings for that very purpose, which is not only an item we treasure forever but an item we purchase in anticipation of a future event. It might be that opting for a beautiful necklace to gift someone you care about, or a bracelet to help you remember a certain personalized engraving can help you mark the occasion in the best possible way. Remember the possibility of customizing the piece too, it really will make a great difference.

With this advice, you’re certain to mark that special event in your life, only this time with style.


Image: Unsplash