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The Shift from Officewear to Leisurewear & What It Means

The Shift from Officewear to Leisurewear & What It Means

For many people, the days of putting on a suit and tie and dashing out the door to go to work feel like an eternity ago. The switch from the office to working from home has been a welcome one for many and a high percentage of companies plan to continue with remote work at least on a part-time basis once the pandemic has ended. One of the major perks for people has been the freedom to wear what they want, so what have people been wearing instead of smart office clothing?

Leisurewear on the rise

As you might expect, leisurewear has been hugely popular over the last year as it allows people to feel much more comfortable while they are working from home – this could even improve their performance, so you should not feel bad about splashing out on jogging bottoms, hoodies and other soft clothing while working from home. Slippers, in particular, have been hugely popular and certainly a more comfortable option than smart shoes or wearing any other kind of footwear around the home. 

Slipper sales through the roof

John Lewis reported that the sale of slippers had jumped by more than a fifth year on year while sheepskin slippers had jumped by a staggering 60%. Another online retailer experienced growth of 300% and had to double the amount of staff that they employed to keep up with demand. With people spending less money on clothing that they would usually go out in, it means that people might have more money to spend and slippers would be a good investment for someone working remotely as opposed to clothing that they will not use until the end of the pandemic.

Why slippers are a good choice

Slippers are a sensible choice when working from home as they can help to keep your feet warm and comfortable throughout the day. It is not just this, though, as many experts state that slippers can actually be helpful in terms of mental health and helping people to cope during what has been such a stressful period. This is because slippers are only worn in comfortable, intimate environments so people associate this type of footwear with feelings of safety, comfort and privacy. On top of this, slippers can also provide support for your feet when walking around the home so they are better than going barefoot or just in socks.

With so many people working from home and this becoming the norm, it is no surprise to see that leisurewear and slippers in particular becoming so popular and in demand. This allows people to be more comfortable throughout the day, which can also help to improve performance and could also play an important role in mental health during such a difficult period. 


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