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Fashion Experts Predict How Long the Loungewear Trend Will Last

Fashion Experts Predict How Long the Loungewear Trend Will Last

The interest in loungewear has surged since the beginning of lockdown as people swapped their jeans for joggers and chose comfort over style whilst at home, encouraging brands to pivot their collections almost overnight.

Now, fashion experts predict that loungewear is here to stay as it’s spotted everywhere and in almost every setting.

Loungewear’s versatility and comfort have meant that it has become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, and fashion experts, Criminal Damage say it’s here to stay. Here are just some of the many reasons, loungewear is cementing its place in our everyday wardrobe.

Influencers can’t get enough

We’ve seen loungewear feature on the popular Instagram accounts of some huge content creators, from Molly-Mae to Kim Kardashian, as well as models like Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne.

With endorsements from a range of influential people, loungewear has become the go-to trend suitable for many different occasions, whether you’re hanging out at home, heading to the shops or meeting up with friends for drinks.

However, loungewear is nothing new to the fashion scene as non-other than princess Diana was regularly seen in sweatshirts and cycling shorts back in the ’90s, highlighting just how timeless it really is.

Hybrid working

With flexible working options now in place for many, heading back to the office and donning a suit or smart clothing is at the back of many people’s minds. In fact, many professionals are opting for hybrid working, choosing to stay at home part of the week, where wearing more relaxed fits are easily accepted.

We’ve seen fewer suits and shirts being worn and more loungewear pieces, such as sweatshirts, joggers, slouched tees and hoodies, across virtual calls.

It can be dressed up

Current trends of merging comfort with high fashion is becoming ever more popular. Even London Fashion Week this year saw designers pair heels and skirts with slouched fits on top, mixing and matching different styles to create polished looks. Transforming a sweater dress to a going out look with some simple accessories and matching heels is all the rage and this adaptation has allowed loungewear to become acceptable across many different environments.

Brands are experimenting with loungewear fits too, with a range of different styles, from oversized to fitted, as well as more tailored sweats and joggers which can create less of a lounging at home, and more of a heading to the bar look.

It’s a hit within younger generations

Gen Z is taking to social media to showcase their love for relaxed loungewear inspired styles.

Thanks to social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, which are popular among the younger demographic, new loungewear pieces are going viral with styling trends and hauls, further solidifying the love for loungewear amongst this generation of consumers.

As Gen Z gain more and more purchasing power, we can predict to see loungewear taking centre stage for many years to come.

It’s a staple within brand collections

Thanks to consumer habits, loungewear has now become a staple within many brands’ collections, from the more affordable market right through to the more exclusive, designer brands.

A range of brands has now created separate staple loungewear collections that take centre stage, emphasising the significance of this clothing style for consumers right now.

These collections don’t seem to be temporary though, with loungewear remaining a consistent feature on different brands websites throughout the past year as they continue to create new styles with different seasons.

As fashion has evolved and consumer behaviours changed, loungewear has long been a style that everyone can wear. Such versatility suggests that the clothing style isn’t just a trend, but more a staple that could stand the test of time.


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