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Garden Party Ideas For The Summer

Garden Party Ideas For The Summer

With the weather slowly getting a little warmer and the sun beginning to make an appearance, it’s time to get out the table, chairs and BBQ and get ready for some serious entertaining. Now that we’re able to meet up with people outside again, it’s the perfect excuse to start planning all the garden parties you’re going to be hosting over the summer. What could be better than sipping on homemade cocktails enjoying the sweet smell of homemade food cooked over the fire. 

Whether you’ve planned a number of events at home in the past or this is your first, here are our top tips on planning the perfect garden party.

Organise everything you can beforehand

With an array of things to do, you’ll want to organise everything you can do before the day itself. This could mean preparing and cooking dishes in advance, getting dietary requirements from your guests and even pre-mixing drinks – getting ahead of the game means you’re more likely to feel relaxed when the day itself arrives!

Create a theme

Everyone loves a good theme. Whether you opt for a Hawaiian, jungle or a completely out there theme, make sure it follows through from the food to the décor. You could even get yourself some matching cutlery, crockery and serving dishes that match too. 

Decorate with flowers

What better way to decorate your garden party than with flowers! They add a beautiful and natural touch that will only complement being in the surroundings you’re in. Whether you pick some from your own garden and pop them in a handful of small vases or add some little pots with succulents around the space, they’re sure to brighten up your party!

Install a flagpole

Flagpoles are a great way to showcase your passions such as your favourite football team or country flag during those big World Cup games. A 25ft flagpole is an ideal size for one or two-story homes. Plus, they’re perfect for a tasteful and respectful display on your property.

hygge garden

Hang string lights

String lights are another great way to give your space that extra bit of pazazz! They’re also perfect if you think your garden party will run into the evening. Although the evenings are staying lighter for longer, they help to boost the atmosphere as the sun sets. 

Provide throws and pillows

The days might be warmer, but it’s likely that as your do runs into the evening it will become cooler. Make sure your guests are both comfortable and toasty with plenty of outdoor throws and pillows. That way you’ll be able to keep on eating, drinking and having fun late on into the evening without any worries.

Get the games out

Games are a great way to keep your guests entertained! Whether you play a good old game of horseshoes, giant Jenga or giant 4 in a row, they’re a great way to break the ice and have a laugh. 


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