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How to Get Measured for a Bra

How to Get Measured for a Bra

If you wear a bra, you’ll know the difference it can make in your everyday life. A well-fitted bra keeps you comfortable and supported throughout the day. Whereas a bra that isn’t quite right can lead to lots of awkward sliding straps and constant discomfort.

Finding a good bra can be tricky, but by following a few simple steps, you can find one which is just the right fit.

Band size 

Let’s begin by looking at how to measure your bra size at home. First, you’ll want to figure out your band size. To do this, you’ll need to get a measuring tape and put it directly under your bust. It should feel comfortable – not too tight or too loose. Then note down how many inches it is. Round to the nearest number. With an even number, add 4 inches. With an odd number, add 5 inches. The final figure is your band size. 

Cup size 

The maths isn’t done just yet. Next, it’s time to work out your cup size. Each woman has a unique bust. When choosing pretty lingerie sets you want to make sure they support and flatter your body. To find your cup size you need to measure your bust. Wrap the measuring tape slightly loosely around the fullest part of your chest, where your nipple is. Round to the nearest number. Subtract your band size from the cup measurement you’ve just done. The difference in inches is your cup size. Refer to a bra cup size chart to help you with this part. 

Checking it fits 

How do you know if your bra fits properly? If you’ve adjusted your bra right, it should feel like you’re not wearing one. Begin by fastening your bra using the loosest hook. Then you can adjust the straps so they’re tight, but you don’t feel them digging into your shoulders. The band provides 80% of your bra’s support, so you want to make sure it’s fitted properly. You should be able to get three fingers up the back, and two all the way around.

Free measuring service 

If you’re still unsure whether or not you’ve measured your bra size correctly, you could get professional help. Lots of lingerie stores offer a free measuring service. They could also help you find bras that suit your body type. Each person will have different needs, and the staff will be happy to help you with your unique preferences. You don’t need to feel awkward asking for advice, it’s part of their job and their main priority is helping you find a bra you feel comfortable in. 

It’s important to know your measurements so you can find bras that offer you the right amount of support. What’s your experience of bra shopping like?


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