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Taking Adulting To The Next Level – 4 Ways To Help Get Your Sh*t Together

Taking Adulting To The Next Level – 4 Ways To Help Get Your Sh*t Together

Is there a more interesting group of people than millennials? Not in my book. They baffle, the delight, and they persevere. While there are plenty of different aspects to the millennial group, one of the more interesting dimensions is how, for this generation, the lines between childhood and adulthood are blurred. Speak to your parents, and it seems like they had everything figured out by the time they were 23. Speak to many 31-year-olds today, and they still don’t fully feel like an adult (I know I don’t!).

So how can you feel like you’ve arrived into adulthood? I take a look at a few ways below: 

Find your passion

Many millennials end up working in jobs that they’re not all that passionate about. That’s because many came of age during the economic crisis, so they had to grab whatever was available. They’re still working there now, but they see the position as temporary — it’s a pitstop on the way to figuring out what they really want to do with their life. Figuring out what you’re going to do with your life, whatever it is, is a milestone for adults. If you’ve got that loose idea, then don’t wait around — start putting it into practice. You’ll be surprised how far it might take you.

Get a set of wheels

At one point or another, you have to stop asking people for lifts, or taking complicated public transport journeys just to get to wherever you need to be. The car is a great liberator: it always has been. If you’re beginning to feel a little limited because too much of the world is closed off to you, then look at picking up a set of wheels. Also, it feels pretty good to offer rides to other people: you’ll feel in control. 

Home is where the heart is

There comes a time when we just don’t want to share accommodation with other people. It’s not that they’re bad, it’s just that you have to make too many compromises. To live life to the fullest, you need to have the space and freedom to do as you please. Arguably the most crucial part of arriving into adulthood, besides having a child, is putting your flag in the ground and making a home. Take a look at, and begin your journey to home-ownership. There is nothing quite like arriving home to a property that you know is yours, all yours.

Surround yourself with awesome people

The myth about friendships is that you have more of them when you’re younger. When you grow older, they slowly ebb away, and you’re left with something close to loneliness. This is not true: you have fewer friends when you’re in your thirties, but they’re better quality than the ones you had when you were 21. It’s better to have a handful of awesome people in your life, people with whom you can be yourself than it is to be surrounded by thirty people, where all you discuss is surface topics. Cultivate those friendships!