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3 Reasons Why This New Wedding Trend Is Here to Stay

3 Reasons Why This New Wedding Trend Is Here to Stay

Over the past year, we’ve had to adapt to a completely new way of living. Celebrations aren’t as we once knew them, and it has seemed almost impossible to plan the wedding of your dreams. However, the trend people are now calling ‘micro weddings’ has proved that there’s always a way to celebrate love, even in turbulent times.

Over the course of the pandemic, the popularity of micro weddings has soared. Couples who wanted to tie the knot in 2020 or 2021 didn’t have many options when it came to arranging their big day. Even so, the micro wedding trend is set to continue even after all restrictions have been lifted. According to the UK’s roadmap for lifting lockdown, big weddings could be back on the cards from June. But will every couple want to throw a massive party? Instead, there have been predictions that the micro wedding is here to stay. Let’s find out why.

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is defined as a wedding with fewer than twenty guests. These weddings are considered to be a more intimate form of celebration, often with a shorter running time, a smaller budget, and a more relaxed atmosphere. Currently, micro weddings are the norm, with wedding guest numbers restricted to 15 until at least May 17th. However, there are many benefits to hosting a micro wedding that might mean the trend will stay put even after the restrictions are lifted.

On Instagram, there are already 332,097 posts #microwedding, and the number keeps growing. The pandemic may have forced tight restrictions on wedding days, but it’s also opened our eyes to new ways of celebrating that take the pressure off hosting a huge event. There really are a lot of benefits in keeping it small!

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An intimate event

One of the nicest things about micro weddings is that they’re sure to make your special day feel even more intimate. Yes, it’s all well and good to throw a huge party, but with so many guests, will you have enough time to share quality moments with your nearest and dearest? Micro weddings let your inner circle know how truly special they are to you. They also work as a great excuse not to invite people purely out of obligation. Who wants to spend their wedding day making small talk with extended family members or lukewarm work colleagues when you could be making memories with your closest family and friends?

Better for the budget

Another benefit of having a micro wedding is the reduced cost. Having fewer guests means not having to spend nearly as much money on catering or a huge venue. Instead, you could either save your pennies for your honeymoon or put the extra funds into different elements of your wedding day.

“Couples have been spending more on engagement rings and wedding rings recently,” says Neil Dutta of Angelic Diamonds. “It’s clear that they don’t want to funnel all of their savings just into the wedding itself.” He explained that the restrictions on weddings have led to couples looking for other ways to express their love and spend their wedding funds. Investing more in wedding rings or diamond engagement rings that will last forever is one great way of doing that.

In addition to investing more into your wedding jewellery, you could choose any area of your big day for an extra boost. You could splash out more on your wedding dress or choose a location you’ve always dreamed of – even if it is a bit smaller than most traditional wedding venues.

Breaking traditions

Another fabulous thing about having a micro wedding is that it allows you to throw away the rule book and start afresh. With only your close-knit circle present, you can celebrate in a way that best suits you, with no need to worry about what others may think. Without the constraints of a traditional ceremony, you can get creative about what you wear, who walks you down the aisle, and pretty much every element of your wedding. The beauty of the micro wedding is that it can be carefully curated much more easily than a huge wedding extravaganza. Because of this, you can design it to fit you and your partner down to a T.

Many couples are sure to rejoice in the return of big weddings, but one thing that lockdown has taught us is that there’s more than one way to celebrate. When it comes to wedding planning, creativity has soared throughout lockdown. The past year has proved that bigger isn’t always better and the best way to celebrate your love is the way that most suits you and your partner.



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