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Luxury Interior Colour Trends 2021

Luxury Interior Colour Trends 2021

Want to find out about all the luxury colour trends for 2021? We’ve partnered with the award-winning and internationally renowned Juliette Thomas of Juliettes Interiors, to discover the luxury colour trends set to be prominent in high-end interiors throughout 2021.

Established in 2005, Juliettes Interiors offers an interior design service, retail showroom, online shop and a range of interior design courses. Founded from a love of interior design and a passion for exquisite hand-crafted furniture, Juliettes Interiors is a leader in the luxury interiors market.

“From calming neutrals to complementing hues of warm burgundy, bronze and mustard, 2021 is all about bringing stability into the home. It’s time to reset and ensure that we feel grounded and at peace during a time of such instability. Understated yet inspiring, neutral tones pair exquisitely with a variety of colour palettes to create truly aspirational and luxurious living spaces.”

Neutral warmth

“Luxury colour in 2021 is all about warm neutrals. Understated yet effortlessly elegant, earthen-like tones are the perfect base for experimenting with a variety of complementary colours. With so much uncertainty over the past year, these shades provide us with a sense of grounding, along with a place that exudes calm and relaxation. Mix restful blue tones with soft and subtle hues or opt for beautiful shades of green that reflect nature and bring a sense of connection with the great outdoors into the home.”

Bronzed browns

“Following the theme of comfort and tranquillity, darker shades of brown and bronze add layers of depth to neutral-coloured interiors. We love to add metallic touches to a decadent and luxurious interior as we find that it provides a considered element of texture and an added layer of depth to the space.”

Burgundy delights

“Burgundy is the ideal partner for warming neutrals. Rich, dark and exuding effortless luxury thanks to its historical references from the past – representing a colour of wealth and royalty – it’s a key complementing colour to earthen hues. Whether added to furniture, accessories or even within artwork, it’s guaranteed to lift interiors to luxury status. Velvet cushions and armchairs are some of our favourite ways to incorporate touches of this luxury shade into the home. Finish the look with subtle touches of gold for a seriously opulent interior.”

Turmeric yellows

“Yellow is another luxury colour which harks right back through the eras, depicting wealth, glamour and grandeur. A key luxury colour trend for 2021, think turmeric and ochre rather than sunshine or pastel yellow. Pair the sumptuous shade with natural wood flooring and add contrast with dark greys and earthy browns for a stand-out seamless interior to admire.”

A touch of gold metallic

“Our favourite finishing touch! We just love a bit of gold at Juliettes Interiors. Metallics exude luxury and are perfect for bringing a hint of glamour and sophistication to warm earthy tones. An exquisite addition, whether incorporated via chandeliers, coffee tables or even table and chair legs, these delicate details will tie your scheme together in a seriously stylish way.”

We hope this blog has inspired you to add some on-trend luxury shades into your home this year. Whether incorporating a cushion in a sumptuous shade, adjusting your light fittings or opting for a full-scale redecoration, adding a touch of on-trend luxury into your home is sure to delight. If you’re interested in learning more about how to tie colours and room schemes together, then an online interior design course could be a great place to start. Find out more about Juliettes Interiors’ next online course aimed at the complete beginner here.


Image credits: Juliettes Interiors