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Be The Perfect Host With These Guest Bedroom Must Haves

Be The Perfect Host With These Guest Bedroom Must Haves

A guest bedroom is common in most homes and they become particularly useful over the holiday period, as you host friends and family during the summer months. It is important that when guests come to stay with you that they feel comfortable as if they were in their own home. When designing your guest room, try to take inspiration from hotel rooms. To translate the inspiration into bedroom décor, create a checklist of your likes and dislikes, and then explore the ways at incorporating the desired elements into the room.

To kickstart your guest room overhaul, here are the must-haves:


The best is obviously the focal point of the room. There are a few options regarding the bed; for many of us space is a premium, therefore, we may not have a permanent guest room, it can often be an office or other living space which doubles as a place for guests to stay. If this is the case, the type of bed you go for is most likely dependant on the primary use of the room.

While you can find many children’s beds for sale at Room to Grow, the stylish online retailer also stocks a number of beautifully designed day beds and trundle beds that make for an ideal addition to a living room or spare bedroom. Whether you opt for a versatile day bed or a more traditional double, make sure that it is nicely made with fresh and soft cotton bed linens.

Storage Space

Guests are going to need enough space to comfortably store their clothes and accessories so it is important to make sure there is a spacious wardrobe or chest of drawers where they can do so. If the drawers or wardrobe are in use, ahead of their arrival temporarily make some space available so that they don’t feel like they are intruding.


If you were to visit a hotel, it is common for a selection of refreshments to be available in the room. It is always a nice idea to place some small refreshments in your guest room such as a bottle of water and perhaps snacks such as biscuits or a bowl of fruit. If you have a kettle or coffee machine these can be a great addition also as it ensures they have everything they need in their room. Don’t worry if you don’t have a huge variety of refreshments, any small additions will surely be appreciated.

Fluffy Towels

It is always a good idea to have some good quality guest towels ready for when you have people to stay. In preparation for their arrival, neatly arranged the towels on the end of their bed. Ideally, you should have a set of 3 towels to accommodate guests; a large bath towel, hand towel and face cloth. Although it sounds simple, offering towels is an important step in making visitors feel comfortable and relaxed in your home.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can inject a vibrant and fresh feel to the room. They won’t go unnoticed and your friends or family are sure to appreciate the time and effort into making their stay as enjoyable as possible. It’s a small touch which can make a big difference. If you don’t get around to picking up some flowers, perhaps set out some scented candles or a reed diffuser to create a nice atmosphere.

Reading Corner

Having a reading corner complete with a comfy chair, table and reading lamp can be a really great addition to a guest room. It can really help to pull together the room and provides a space where your guests can relax with a book or offer some room to complete any last-minute work.


To really bring the feel of a hotel room into your guest room, consider what necessities hotels usually provide. Things such as a hair dryer, soap and shampoo are nice additions which will be of use to your guest.

Incorporating all the little must-haves into your guest room will be certain to help your guest feel relaxed, comfortable and welcome in your home; making their stay enjoyable for all.


Image credits: Unsplash