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Why You Should Bring Natural Materials Into The Home

Why You Should Bring Natural Materials Into The Home

In the past, saying that your home was decorated with natural materials conjured images of burlap sack cushions and hastily put together tables made of driftwood. Luckily, as many homeowners become more aware of the importance of sustainability, decor created from natural, reclaimed and recycled products have improved and now take centre stage in many interior projects. Bringing unique tones, textures and style to any room, designers are now clambering for the latest eco-friendly options to create truly one of a kind spaces. 

If you’re looking to bring natural materials into your home but don’t know where to start, here are our top reasons why you won’t regret saying ‘yes’ to sustainable style!

Goodbye uniform, hello unique

Adding reclaimed or recycled pieces to your home will make your space an instant talking point. Each piece, whether it’s made from wood, metal or fabric will have its own unique characteristics From marks in the wood to unexpected colours popping through, you’re guaranteed furniture that you won’t see in the neighbour’s house a week later! Furniture made from reclaimed wood is ideal for those looking for something you can’t get in a catalogue. Opt for a statement sideboard, console table or bookcase that will take pride of place in the room. 

Give your style a story

One of the most common natural materials used to create furniture is reclaimed fishing boat wood. Due to its original purpose, this wood is thick, heavy and incredibly durable, making it ideal for those looking for furniture that’s built to last. Fishing boat wood boasts years of beautifully aged textures and colour, exposing the rich history of each piece. Ideal for sturdy kitchen benches, tables or coffee tables, this reclaimed wood is both an eco-friendly option and a fantastic talking point at your next dinner party.

Textures you won’t get from flat pack

With the increase in people wanting to add rustic or industrial style accents to their home, texture has never been so important. As well as reclaimed wood, metals are also a great way to add sustainable style to your home, whether it’s a pair of industrial style barstools, tables or dining set. Based in the North East of England, J.N. Rusticus is a specialist supplier of reclaimed, rustic furniture. Owner, Joe Nicholson travels the globe to find the latest sustainable furniture styles and trends, “Within our collections, we use a mixture of metals and due to the nature of the pieces, we create we often use recycled steel and iron. These metals lend themselves perfectly to the distressed, rustic nature of the products and also reduces the number of processes needed to create these unique textures”

Statement style with a clear conscience

If you’re planning on switching up your decor to include natural materials, chances are you’re looking for furniture that won’t damage the planet.  When you choose materials such as reclaimed wood, you’re salvaging wood that would otherwise have gone to waste. One of the most common materials used for reclaimed wood furniture is mango wood, sourced from mango trees that are native to India and East Asia. These trees are initially used for their fruit and reach their maturity after 15 years. Mango farmers begin to plant new trees before the older trees become barren, ensuring that there is a highly sustainable cycle of plantation. The barren trees are cut down for their wood and the beautiful grain and colour of the material lends perfectly to rustic furniture styles. 

Not only will bringing natural materials into the home help you create an authentic rustic or industrial feel, but it’s also the perfect way to ensure that your home is unique. Embrace one of a kind characteristics and create your own space using reclaimed, recycled and reused materials that won’t harm the planet. 


Image credits: J.N. Rusticus