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Let Nature Inspire Your Home Interior

Let Nature Inspire Your Home Interior

Time spent amongst nature allows us to recharge; it brings a sense of calm, tranquillity and revival to both our bodies and mind. This sense of rejuvenation is one which many of us strive to replicate within our homes.

Whether you’re a city dweller craving a reconnection with the outdoors or are a passionate and regular visitor, bringing elements of nature into your home can help to create an inviting and comfortable place to live.

If you’re searching for inspiration for your nature-themed interior, take a look at our top tips on how to achieve this timeless design.

Organic furniture

Organic in both the materials used and the shapes they are crafted into, your furniture plays a key role in the aesthetics of a room. To help you achieve a natural feel to your space, opt for furniture made from wood or cane, and choose pieces which haven’t been too heavily processed.

Try not to be off-put by imperfections and instead, embrace individuality and signs of age. This raw finish, from knotted wood to distressed paint, adds character and charm. Antique-styled or vintage pieces can be a fantastic way to bring an organic feel to a room, add a vintage dining table or rug for interest and appeal.

the trunk of a large tree which has been cut to reveal the grain.

Indoor plants

One of the most popular, and often one of the easiest ways to add a touch of nature into your home is by adding indoor plants.

As well as being a beautiful decoration, they’re also known to have several health benefits, from reducing anxiety and stress to helping to purify the air.

You can find varieties which are suitable for low-high light, as well as a selection of humidity levels, depending on the conditions within your home and where they will be placed.

We recommend opting for flowering ever-green varieties as they provide year-round interest. Present them in attractive pots for added interest!


Nothing in nature is static, and although uniformity can be found, it’s the changes throughout the year that are one of the most well-recognised characteristics of the natural world.

a collection of coloured leaves fallen in autumn

Adding hints of the changing seasons to your design will show a connection with the great outdoors, as well as giving you the opportunity to refresh parts of your interior throughout the year. Soft furnishings are often the easiest to change seasonally; throws and cushion covers can be swapped depending on the time of year.

The season can also be represented with the decorations you add. In summer, place bunches of bright and fragrant blooms around your home. In winter, dried branches, sprigs of holly and pinecones add a welcomed hint of the time of year.

Natural light

Natural light can enliven a space, making it feel inviting and warm. During the summer, it is in abundance, but even during the cooler seasons, it’s important to allow what little light there is, to shine through.

Keep your windows clean and open your curtains each morning. As well as this, strategically place mirrors in the space, to help maximise and bounce the natural light around the room.

Nature-inspired colour palette

Some of the primary colour tones frequently found amongst nature are considered to have calming effects, making them perfect options for your home. From the vivid blues of the ocean to garden-fresh greens and earthy browns, your palette can be used to reflect all that you love about nature while providing a beautiful backdrop to your home.

various nature-themed colours


Your nature-theme can be enhanced by the accessories you add to the space. Rather than opting for items made from plastic or glass, choose materials which are naturally found outdoors.

Unique decorations can be created using shells and stones. A piece of driftwood or pods of dried seeds can be placed on a table for a unique centrepiece.

Natural textiles

Any curtains, seating, rugs, cushions or throws you add to your interior should also be carefully considered. Choose those made using natural materials, such as cotton, abaca, coir or hemp rather than the synthetic alternatives available. This will ensure the laying you create through added textiles will both look and feel more natural.

Have you considered a nature-themed interior design? Whether you’re just starting a make-over or it’s a design you’ve living with for a few years, we’d love to see your creations! Get in touch with us via our social media channels; we’d love to hear from you.


Images: Unsplash