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Home Styling Inspiration: 5 Instagram & TikTok Accounts To Follow

Home Styling Inspiration: 5 Instagram & TikTok Accounts To Follow

Are you a house-proud homeowner? Our homes are meant to be a reflection of our personalities, mirroring our warmth, tastes, and styles. But did you know that by snapping pictures of your interior design skills, you could increase your following and engagement on social media?

We already know about celebrity influencers using their social media accounts to promote products and further their personal brand. Celebrity influencers such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner have millions of followers, engaging with their fans by sharing aspects of their life.

However, everyday people are now sharing their homes and lives on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. You’ll find a range of DIY projects, cleaning tips and tricks, and even some interior design inspiration. But what makes a great home account? Here, we explore the home influencers with great engagement rates across social media, and how they can inspire your own home account.

Our favourite home accounts

Many of us share our lives on Instagram and TikTok. From fancy meals, vacation snaps, and our pets, the things we love feature prominently on our profiles. However, sharing images and videos of your home could be a great way to earn a following. In fact, some people do this for a living. Here are some engaging Instagram and TikTok home accounts for you to take inspiration from.

1.     Holly and Brad: @ourfauxfarmhouse on Instagram

Holly and Brad run an Instagram page named Our Faux Farm. The page shares various aspects of their lifestyle, DIY projects, and interior design choices. With 1.1 million followers, the page has an impressive engagement rate of 5.93 per cent, meaning that a good percentage of their followers are actively reacting and engaging with their content. This demonstrates that their ideas are clearly popular.

The couple embraces a bohemian style of living, using neutral and light tones that favour simplicity without sacrificing comfort and style. Natural wood features heavily in this barnyard style open home, with oak beams, flooring, and furniture tying the room together.

2.     Matt Mellor: @mattmellorr on TikTok and Instagram

If you’re looking to see how the other half live, you may enjoy browsing pictures and videos by Matt Mellor on Instagram and TikTok. Matt, alongside partner (and also influencer) Summer Newman, shares tours of luxury apartments and homes across the UK. Matt’s tours include guides around Welsh castles, mansions, and even yachts.

No matter your home-styling tastes, there’s something for everyone on Matt’s TikTok and Instagram, where the variety of home styles display a range of aesthetics for you to take inspiration from. So, whether you enjoy sleek modern furnishings, classic character, or something a little different, Matt and Summer have something for you. With over 307,700 followers on TikTok, Matt receives around 1,230 likes per video. His video tours are certainly engaging.

3.     Sophie Hinchliffe: @mrshinchhome in Instagram

Sophie Hinchliffe, aka The Queen of Clean, has amassed over 4.1 million followers on Instagram as well as publishing three number one bestselling books. As her monarchic title suggests, Hinch likes to keep things clean. Keeping an orderly home, her furnishings follow a monochromatic style, with plush rugs, chairs, and beds, and well-polished mirrors throughout.

With an engagement rate of 10.29 per cent, @mrshinchhome is one of the most engaged-with Instagram home accounts. Her fans and popularity have even landed her a spot on ITV’s This Morning, sharing her ideas on how to keep a great home.

4.     St. Modwen Homes: @stmodwenhomes on TikTok

If you’re looking for some new-build home inspiration, where better to look than national housebuilder St. Modwen Homes? Its TikTok account is filled with brand-new interior design ideas that you could adapt for your own home. The way we view homes is changing, so whether you want to see new builds in Wantage or maybe even houses in Eastwood, all you have to do is jump on social media for a video tour.

The housebuilder has an impressive engagement rate of 3.55 per cent, showing how its followers are loving the various showhome tours and the different interior design schemes.

5.     Angela Rose: @angelarosehome on Instagram

With 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Angela Rose is one of the biggest home influencers. Her home combines modern aesthetics with nostalgic elements. Her kitchen uses bright marble countertops and prioritises natural light in the room, while cabinets are painted in rustic forest green with aged brass cup handles.

Overall, 10.4 per cent of Angela’s followers regularly interact with her page, proving how her sleek style has inspired other budding home designers.

If you think your house could help you to become an influencer or boost your social media engagement rate, nothing is stopping you from snapping a few photos and videos and posting them on online. Share your DIY skills, cleaning tips, and favourite furnishings, and build up your own community of engaged followers. Who knows? You could become the Kylie Jenner of the home-owning world.


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