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5 Top Tips For Creating a Stylish Guest Bedroom
guest bedroom

5 Top Tips For Creating a Stylish Guest Bedroom

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, decorating the space with guests in mind is a great way to ensure you’re prepared for entertaining all year round. A well-designed guest bedroom will not only make you feel extremely house proud, but it should also make your family or friends feel extremely welcome within your home. By ensuring your guests have access to those all-important home comforts, and by creating a space that is both inviting and relaxing, you’re sure to have happy inhabitants!

Here are five top tips for creating a stylish guest bedroom:

Consider Comfort

A comfortable stay can be aided by many things, but both the makeup of the bed and the bed itself is most definitely a focal point and one that needs to be considered carefully. A memory foam mattress is advisable, not only this particular type of mattress fantastic at redistributing body weight and supporting your neck, back and shoulders, it’s also sensitive to body temperature and can mould itself to support body contours, making it the best choice to suit a range of guests. A simply bedding set with a high thread count, much like those synonymous with hotels, is the perfect selection for a guest room. Choose materials such as linen or cotton, their moisture-wicking properties rapidly pull moisture into the fabric itself, creating a cooling, drying effect and a more comfortable nights rest.

Choose the window treatments wisely

A guest bedroom will be utilised for sleep, and it’s extremely important that your guests sleep as well as possible in order to aid the success of their stay. Darkness is heavily associated with sleep quality, therefore it’s key that a blind and curtain combination is chosen to support this. Interiors retailers Terrys Fabrics suggest implementing blackout blinds or curtains within a guest bedroom. These blinds and curtains can be used to ensure sunlight is kept to a minimum during slumber hours. Not only is darkness extremely important, but privacy is also top of the priority list for a guest bedroom, and blinds can provide the necessary level of seclusion in abundance.

guest bedroom

Stick to neutrals

Whilst it can be extremely tempting to choose brighter colours and bold patterns when designing a room, for a guest bedroom it’s advisable to pair things back a little, sticking to more neutral tones where possible. Neutral colours are known for their calming and relaxing properties, not only do they avoid drawing focus to one particular section of the room, they have the ability to make a space appear both lighter and larger.

Dress the bed

Up the glamour factor and go one step further with your decoration by dressing the bed and area surrounding the bed. White bedding in the desired fabrics previously mentioned is a perfect, luxurious base upon which you can build up your accessories. Choose a headboard in plush fabrics such as velvet, and layer up cushions in different textures and patterns to invite a welcoming and cosy environment.

Add some personal touches

When staying away from home, there’s nothing better than being treated to a little luxury. Though your guests will be very aware that they aren’t staying in a hotel, there are some simple touches that can make all the difference to the comfort and happiness of their stay. Fold a fresh set of towels for each guest and place them on the bed ready for the impending arrivals, not only is this a gesture, but it will also fill the room with a welcoming fresh linen smell. It’s also an idea to consider leaving out something your guests may require, such as basic toiletries, a box of tissues or a blanket.


Image credits: Unsplash & Terrys Fabrics