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Designing Your Perfect Guest Room

Designing Your Perfect Guest Room

When you have people in your house you want them to feel at home straight away. A guest bedroom is a great opportunity for you to flex your design skills. You can combine comfort and practicality to create a space that welcomes your guest, but also serves a purpose for you when don’t have company staying over. A couple of simple touches can make a world of difference.

Bright soft furnishings

If you’re redesigning a space, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to decorate it. Mini makeovers can make it feel like a brand new space. It could be something like getting a brightly coloured rug or decorative cushions. Even getting new bedding can really brighten the place up. During the colder months of the year, it’s a good idea to leave a couple of extra blankets out. Also when picking your soft furnishings remember to make sure you’ve got a good pair of curtains – or blinds – in the room. You want to make sure your guest is getting a good night’s sleep and not being woken up with the sun.

Interior accessories

Accessories can really bring a room together; it is the little things that you really need to keep in mind. Items such as bed throws, and cushions play a big part in making the room cosy and welcoming whilst furniture like armchairs and mirrors are practical and decorative. Flowers are also the perfect way to brighten a guest room. An ideal luxury option is roses from Infini London, which last a year via an eco-friendly solution. Real, long-lasting and gorgeous, these roses are the perfect gift for a loved one, as well as adding that glamorous touch in your guest room.


An important aspect to remember when designing the guest room is that it needs to be functional for you as well. You’re not going to be hosting company there all the time, so it’s a great opportunity for you to give yourself some more storage space. You need to ensure it’s practically put away, and still a comfortable room for the guest to say in. A large wardrobe can work wonders.  Not only are they stylish, but it offers plenty of options for you to put away things – as well as your guest to unpack, too. Or, depending on the size of the room, you could also look into installing storage units under the bed. You don’t want clutter when someone is staying there.

An overnight kit

An overnight kit can be a great addition to a guest bedroom. This can consist of a mouthwash, a towel, deodorant and a couple of different kinds of chargers. For inspiration think of what you pack in your overnight bag, and what would make life easier if you knew it was waiting for you. An overnight kit could be particularly useful if a guest is staying over at the last minute, making their stay immediately more comfortable. You could also leave a note with the WiFi password on, too. It’s very easy to put together but immediately makes you seem very accommodating.

Designing a guest room should be a chance for you to have some fun, and be left with a space which you and your family and friends can benefit from. What are some things that make you feel more at home when you’re staying the night somewhere?


Image credit: Unsplash