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Which Kind of Interior Design Best Suits You?

Which Kind of Interior Design Best Suits You?

Selecting an interior design style can be a challenge. There is a range of diverse styles to choose from, each suited to a different kind of personality. It can feel overwhelming to pick just one!

The good news is that the overall aim for interior trends in 2023 is to craft an adaptable, comfortable and inspiring space that suits your style identity. This year, you should be aiming to bring people together and create joyful memories. You don’t have to follow a trend or fad – as long as your space chimes with who you are, you can’t go wrong!

Below, wardrobe designer and builder Sliding Door Wardrobe Company discusses key interior design styles and which personalities they suit best.

Cosy vibes

You are…

…a peaceful, calm person, happiest curled up at home with a good book. You love nights in with friends and family and hosting cosy dinner parties with delicious home-cooked food.

You should try…

cosy cottage-core. This design style encourages simplicity and relaxation, with a muted colour palette and a focus on vintage-style furniture. You’ll find indoor greenery as part of cottage-core, with flowers artfully arranged in vases and dried herbs or vines decorating walls.

Cottage-core is often characterised by a muted or deep green as the primary colour for walls and furniture, paired with creams and pastel yellows to create a snug, insular feel. Details such as large, patterned carpets, decorative taps within kitchens and bathrooms and traditional door handles on cupboards, wardrobes and drawers will take this look to the next level.

Cultured sophistication

You are…

…an enthusiastic, fun person with an interest in culture and film. With an outgoing personality and a bold fashion sense, you love partying the night away with friends and family.

You should try…

art deco. Known for its use of rich colours and intricate detailing, this design style first gained popularity during the 1920s. The style is glamorous and luxurious – think sumptuous fabrics and deep-toned walls. Repeating patterns in wallpaper and wall mural choices is a good way to bring the art deco feel to a room, with rounded shapes playing an important role when choosing accessories.

Round, pastel-coloured chairs, preferably in velvet, paired with circular mirrors, rounded bed headboards and side tables will tie the look together. Mirrored or shiny surfaces are a great choice to achieve this look, particularly with larger items of furniture, such as tables, shelving and wardrobes. Hanging lights and chandeliers can further enhance this sense of glamour and sophistication.

Bold and bright

You are…

…a vibrant, confident person with a love of technology and eclectic colour choices. Full of energy and with a driven mindset, you enjoy travelling and attending exciting events with friends.

You should try…

Bright modern. Think bold, angular shapes and graffiti-style abstract patterns. Pops of primary colours, such as bright red, cool blue or lime green, will make the space feel modern and exciting. Consider marking out a feature wall with a mural or large piece of art that expresses your personality – disruptive, contemporary art will fit well into this design style.

Adding a punchy splash of colour to sleek items of furniture will create a talking point and help incorporate all elements of the room into this vibrant atmosphere. Try adding accessories in daring patterns and colours – cushions, curtains, rugs and lampshades are great places to start. For a more intense look, painting ceilings in a contrasting colour to your walls will look striking and, most importantly, bring a sense of your fun, extroverted personality into your home!

Laidback creative vibes

You are…

…a chilled-out person with a love of nature and the outdoors. Relaxed and creative, you enjoy art and culture and live an active lifestyle.

You should try…

beach boho casual. Prioritise natural fabrics and materials to achieve this look, keeping a muted colour palette at the forefront of your mind. Cool whites and blues work well when selecting larger pieces of furniture or wall colours, creating a calm, light atmosphere. Bring the outside in with beach-themed accessories, such as decorative shells and driftwood sculptures.

Take the opportunity to add a touch of the bold with a couple of bright colours – choosing a fuchsia pink bedspread in a gorgeous paisley pattern or adding a statement rug is a great way to do this. Deep, textured wood is a lovely addition to this design style, continuing this sense of the outdoors coming inside. Whether this is achieved through something small, like kitchen utensils or a decorative art piece, or something bigger, like your bed headboard or kitchen worktops, both work well.

There’s an interior design trend to match every style identity. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and let your imagination lead your interior decisions! Bring your personality into the room and create an inspiring space that shows off who you are.


Images: Unsplash