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Creative Careers: And How to Get Into Them

Creative Careers: And How to Get Into Them

Are you a creative, do you bleed ink instead of blood? Then you will probably want to pursue your love of creativity and make it into a career. But what are the best jobs for creative people out there, and how can you get started on them? Read on to find out.

Graphic designer

First on the list here is the role of graphic designer. This is a job that is very applicable to the current employment situation with lots of opportunities in the new media as well as the traditional media.

But what do graphic designers do? Well, they solve a problem visually. That is they get a message that they have to convey, and then they decide them a most effective way to do this is a visual format. Sound like your sort of thing? Then you may want to know how you can get into it as well.

Well, there are two main routes, the first is through traditional education, usually doing art or graphic design at GCSE and A-level and then a foundation year in Art School before a degree. The second option is to teach yourself, and with so many tutorials online this is something that a lot of people do.

Of course, the difference being professional taught and self-taught may have an effect on your employability in the short term. But as designers are judged mainly on their portfolios, once you have become established, this issue should become less problematic.


If you are looking for a creative career, you should also consider teaching, and not just in arts subjects. This because all teachers have to be creative no matter what subject they teach.

Gone are the day of copying out passages from textbooks, instead teachers are expected to provide all singing all dancing creatively thought out activities that not only engage the students but also achieve the learning objectives for the lesson. But how do you get from where you are now to be a fully qualified teacher?

Well, first of all, if you have a degree you can do a year long PGCE course which will give you NQT status. Then you will need to look for a job, in the TES Supplement or with agencies like Simply Education. As there you can do you final year of practice and then achieve your QTS.


Another creative career you may be considering is to be a writer. Most people imagine writers romantically, tied to their typewriter, half smoked a cigarette in hand. While they may be a few best sellers that work this way, for the majority, this just isn’t the case anymore.

Also the term writers a wide category. Many people write for a living, but not everyone graces the bestseller list, or are working on great fictional trilogies. There are content writers, technical manual writers, and advertising writers posts to be considered as well.

But, for many people, the key question here is how to get into the profession? Well as it’s so varied there are now lots of routes. If you want a 9-5 regular paying job then working as a marketing specialist with content writing responsibilities is your best best.

Although with the rise of self-publication it is possible to make money from your own fiction or nonfiction work, by published e-books.