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Honeymoon Holiday – How to Cater to Yours and Your Spouse’s Expectations

Honeymoon Holiday – How to Cater to Yours and Your Spouse’s Expectations

The summer holiday season is the time of year for travel, with warm weather and wide travel routes coinciding with some of the year’s bigger cultural and traditional events. Between bank holidays and the pleasantness of the season, summer is naturally a popular time to go overseas – but another variable makes summer a busy time for travel: weddings.

The summer is also wedding season, for similar reasons to the above, which results in a deluge of honeymoon enquiries and bookings throughout July, August, and September. If you are one such lucky couple, soon to tie the knot and destined for a delicious fortnight away somewhere amazing, you might now be encountering an early issue in arranging your honeymoon. Holiday travellers often fall into two camps, and you might find yourself straddling either side of the dividing line. What are those camps, and how might you navigate booking your honeymoon accordingly?


The first of these camps is relaxation. Holidays are an opportunity to escape the stresses and mundanities of everyday life, giving you a unique opportunity to recuperate and rest with no expectations or demands on your time or energy. Beach retreats and tropical resorts lend themselves to this form of holiday, where leisure and pleasure triumph over activity.


If relaxation constitutes one side of the coin, then exploration and adventure constitute the other side. Many others see holidays as opportunities to learn, explore, venture, and discover – whether partaking in adrenaline-spiking adventure sports or taking cultural pilgrimages to learn more about a region’s history and traditions. 

Adventure escapes are perfect for family activity holidays, with the added benefit that children are easily tired out by such energy demands!

Charting a course

It is the case for many new family units that partners fall on either side of this dividing line. One of you may be agitating for an activity-filled weekend of long days and longer nights, while the other might be pushing for days of lazing in the sun. How can these two camps be reconciled?

Thankfully, there are a great deal of popular holiday destinations that cater to both sides of the coin. Take Barcelona as an example. Its beaches, while often full of tourists and locals alike, are prime lazing grounds for the relaxation-minded traveller. Meanwhile, less than a mile away from the coast, the Old Town beckons for the energy-filled explorer.

Another excellent option for fulfilling both mindsets is Sri Lanka. This is a historically and culturally rich island with a great deal to explore and a great deal of adventure activities on offer. Meanwhile, its resorts are purpose-built for quietude! This philosophy can also be applied to the likes of Greece and Thailand, saving your honeymoon in the process.

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