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What Business Outfit Can Move Your Career?

What Business Outfit Can Move Your Career?

When it comes to your career progression or to landing that dream job you want, your CV plays a significant role in getting an employer’s attention. However, everyone knows that the part of the recruitment process that is most likely to get you a job is the moment when you get to meet the recruiter directly. First impressions are key to your success. But, contrary to the common belief, putting your best suit on will not guarantee you to get hired. In fact, there are plenty of positions in which wearing a suit is the last thing you should do if you want to impress your future employer. Here’s a quick overview of how your work outfit during the interview stage can help you to move your career.

Ergonomic and trendy athleisure for Fitness Careers

If you’re looking for a break in the fitness industry, you’ll find that a career as a gym instructor and personal trainer can be particularly rewarding, especially if you love helping people to achieve their goals. Contrary to the common belief, it’s a demanding profession in which you need to be not only fit but also motivating, knowledgeable and sympathetic. When you’re going to meet either a future client or employer, you need to show in your outfit that fitness is your calling. Consequently, it’s a good idea to wear some of your favourite activewear items, such as light running shoes or even an elegant pair of training leggings. Your employer needs to see that you know your gears.

Outdoors and handy workers: practical and weatherproof

If you’re applying for a manual or an outdoorsy position, you don’t need to wear a suit for the interview. While you may not want to wear your work dungarees, you can certainly research the best shoes for this occasion with this work boots guide. Bear in mind that many employers don’t provide equipment to their contracted staff. That’s why, if you’re looking to join a temporary building site or to help clear your local wildlife park, turning up with the best footwear for the role can weigh in your favour.

Office queen in a formal environment: keep it classy

Are you applying for an office role in the finance or insurance sector? It’s by far the only kind of interviews for which you need to find an elegant and classy suit. A black pencil skirt with a blazer is the only uniform you need to impress. For a modern and active look, you can pair formal trousers with a shirt and a blazer. Employers prefer traditional colours, such as black, navy and grey But you can also wear nude, white and subtle florals.

Creative professions: be bold and bright

Finally, if you’ve applied to work in a marketing agency, you know that you can be more creative about your outfit. Bold colours, dark fitted jeans with a cute blouse can do the trick, or you can choose to pick a simple black dress and add a pop of colour with bright tights and accessories.

From sporty to formal, there are plenty of variations of the ideal work wear. In short, wearing a suit is not always the best solution if you really want to land your dream job in an atypical sector.