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6 Interior Design Trends Where Your Flooring Takes Centre Stage

6 Interior Design Trends Where Your Flooring Takes Centre Stage

Whether you’ve just moved in and are planning a whole redesign, you’re renting and are stuck on how to style your interior around your flooring, or you’re looking to spruce up your existing decor, here’s how to work different kinds of solid wood flooring into six trending interior design aesthetics.

Flooring can be a pivotal design feature that has the potential to really consolidate the desired feel of your room. Carolina Hansson, Head of Design at Luxury Flooring and Furnishings, has provided her insight into how to incorporate your flooring into your interior design choices to create an intentional and visually pleasing look.

From Scandi to Art Deco to Mid-century Modern, here’s how to get six trending looks in your home.

Scandi Minimalism

Scandi interiors are a great way to incorporate soft and sophisticated minimalism into your home, and this simplistic trend has soared in popularity in the past two years.

Image: Luxury Flooring and Furnishings 

Carolina comments: “Wooden textures have become integral to the Scandi-inspired design trend that has maintained popularity over the past couple of years for its airy and effortless feel. The right choice of solid wood in a light shade of oak provides the perfect canvas for your scandi-inspired living space. Opt for a single plank finish to stay in keeping with the minimal look, and pair it with cool-toned neutral colours, complementary wooden accents and greenery.”

Image: Luxury Flooring and Furnishings 

Modern Farmhouse

This modern take on a timeless aesthetic is desirable for its warm colours and cosy feel as well as for lending itself to a more eclectic mix of furniture, colours and textures.

Image: @onlyjustvictorian via Luxury Flooring & Furnishings

Carolina suggests: “A comfortable and practical farmhouse interior look lends itself to a natural textured solid wood flooring in a warm shade of oak. To add a more contemporary twist, try placing contrasting light and dark furniture in cooler tones from paint to tiles to other wooden accents – it will create a more sleek look without compromising on the homely feel that’s integral to the modern farmhouse.”

Modern Classic

This sophisticated and classy style marries modern and sleek with classic design from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Image: @capitalhomesuk via Luxury Flooring & Furnishings

Carolina advises: “Order, precision and attention to detail are quintessential to the timeless modern classic look. A great way to incorporate these values into your home is to opt for herringbone flooring; you can carry this sense of harmony and balance throughout the room with instances of symmetry which can be achieved through careful placement of pairs of ornaments or furniture.”

“Stick to a neutral colour palette, allowing for the colour and character of statement decorative pieces like artwork to stand out and take centre stage, so as not to overwhelm the space.”

Art Deco

A love for the drama, class and glamour of the 20s is trickling into our home interiors as we see Great Gatsby-esque decor make a comeback.

Image: Pexels

Carolina adds: “Replicate the clean lines and geometric patterns that were prevalent in the 20s by opting for chevron parquet flooring. Carry the theme throughout your decor with larger gold accents, rich colours and textures like pine green velvet and dramatic sculptural shapes and objects.”

Mid-century modern

With functionality at the heart but without compromising on style, the mid-century modern design trend has captured the gaze of homeowners looking for a sleek and timeless feel.

Image: Unsplash

Carolina continues: “Create visual appeal by contrasting uniform shapes with asymmetrical ones. For example, try placing curves and corners next to one another. To complement the minimalist look, opt for single plank solid wood flooring in warm brown shades of oak to mimic the meditative and grounding atmosphere that’s central to this kind of design. Don’t be afraid to break up the neutrals with large stand-alone statement pieces of art and furniture too.”

Top image: Unsplash