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Spotlight On: Top Beauty Trends in 2023

Spotlight On: Top Beauty Trends in 2023

2023 is well underway, and a handful of beauty trends are already making themselves known. For any fashion-conscious person, understanding these trends is key to looking and feeling good.

However, if you’re largely just curious about the beauty trends for 2023 (we are). Let’s take a look at some of the top beauty trends of 2023. Plus, if you want to recreate these looks, Love Discount Vouchers have fantastic offers on the biggest makeup trends.

The reign of Y2K

Despite more than two decades passing since the Y2K era, it has continued to be a strong part of fashion. Even now, in 2023, it has a decisive impact on clothing and beauty. The main features of the aesthetic are a soft-through-playful palette. It’s shiny, futuristic-looking and shimmery.

Metallic colours, holographic shadow effects and frosted details are all key characteristics of this aesthetic.

Retro-style flash makeup

A big part of 2023 will be when skin becomes heavily emboldened by makeup. Radiant washes will be the constant companions of carefully chosen complexions. However, don’t mistake this for being random; the radiant flash makeup will be carefully applied to offer an ethereal, almost not-quite-of-this-world look, and it will be the focal point of the makeup itself.

The purpose of the flash makeup is to try and replicate retro-style flash photography. It would catch the contours of the skin in bold and exciting ways. The way you styled your makeup would influence how your complexion reacted to the photography.

Facial and body jewellery

Body jewellery had already started to gain popularity in 2022. Now, in 2023, it continues to grow in scale and innovation. With the help of temporary jewellery, it is possible to transform the body into a work of art. Jewel placements that look like freckles, gemstones to cover the eyebrow and third-eye jewels will all be popular choices this year. Even those who crave a minimalist look can participate – the 3D fashion of jewellery can even be applied to your nails.

Less is more with eyebrows

It’s safe to say that we’ve had something of a curious relationship with eyebrows in fashion. Some choose to shape them into sleek, slim styles, and others remove them entirely. This year, however, we will see a minimalist take on eyebrows.

The skinny eyebrow that denoted Y2K fashion will make a big return this year. Bleaching the eyebrows is also becoming very popular. The style tying everything together is definitely the idea of less being more.

The way people approach this will be up to them. Some will undoubtedly choose to shave them off entirely, which is a bold fashion choice but also a highly successful one in the right circumstances.

Fresh makeup

Fresh makeup will make a big difference to people this year for fashion. It is clear that some are moving away from intricate and harsh makeup. Clear, clean skin is now the mark of a truly beautiful face. Many are taking to the catwalk without any makeup at all – it’s a trend becoming more popular with time.

Final thoughts

The beauty trends for 2023 are certainly diverse. There’s a real sense of bold statements in every trend – from jewellery which makes a big entrance, to a fresh face look. However, all of these trends mean that it is easy to pick and choose what works for you.


Images: Unsplash