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3 Bathroom Tile Trends to Look Out For In 2022

3 Bathroom Tile Trends to Look Out For In 2022

With more and more people choosing to upgrade their homes in lieu of the family holiday, bathroom renovation has become a hot topic.

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Upgrading such a crucial part of the home is a big undertaking, however. So, if you are considering taking on a renovation yourself, we suggest testing the water by upgrading your bathroom tiles first.

This is due to the fact that they’re a great way to zhuzh up a space and make an instant impact – all without having to put in too much effort.

Most tiling jobs can be accomplished to impressive standards by capable DIY-ers, too. So, if you’re confident in your abilities you should be able to tile a bathroom yourself and save on labour costs.

Tiling also represents a worthy long-term investment. A successfully installed tile job can comfortably last many years, and fresh up-to-date bathroom tiles could even help to increase the value of your home should you come to sell.

With all of the above in mind, George Holland, Bathroom Design Expert at Victorian Plumbing looked into tonnes of the latest bathroom tile trends to determine the top three to look out for heading into 2022.

Our Top 3 Bathroom Tile Trends for 2022

1. Fish Scale Tiles

Once a staple of luxurious Art Deco bathrooms, we predict that iconic fish scale tiles will be back with a bang in 2022. Also known as mermaid tiles, these unique scale-shaped tiles provide a truly distinctive look and can be used in several different ways. Looking to completely overhaul a bathroom’s tiles? Go for fish scale tiles in a subtle hue such as seafoam green or ocean blue. Prefer something showy? Try using them in a dusty pink or gloss black finish to create a feature wall or a splashback.

Product: Asheville Pink Fish Scale Wall Tiles

Price: £62.41 / m2

We’ve already seen a steady resurgence of this type of tile throughout 2021. Now that they’re now available in a wide variety of on-trend finishes, we think they’ll be adopted more in high-end bathroom spaces. The best thing about them is their versatility; they look completely at home in both modern and traditional spaces.

2. Slate Effect Split Face Tiles

We’ve also noticed a growing desire for bathrooms that have lived-in, organic vibes. With their glossy, brilliant white finishes, a lot of modern bathrooms can wind up feeling a little too sterile – so it’s wise to counteract this with at least a handful of natural design touches. Slate effect split face tiles, for instance, are an ideal remedy and great for

Product: Runda White Slate Effect Split Face Tiles

Price: £23.04 / m2

With their matt finishes and realistic textures that evoke the feeling of natural stone, split face tiles can effortlessly provide that rustic vibe. As with the fish scale tiles, you can use these sparingly or liberally – just be sure to pick an understated finish if you’re planning on covering an entire wall.

3. Hexagon Tiles

Ultra sophisticated, angular, and elegant. The rise to prominence of hexagon tiles has been one of our favourite bathroom style innovations of the past year. Already adorning the walls and floors of boutique hotel bathrooms, this fresh and exciting type of tile will almost certainly be making its way into homes in 2022.

Product: Belmont Hexagon Grey with White Lines Wall and Floor Tiles

Price: £27.64 / m2

Similar to the fish scale tiles we mentioned earlier, hexagonal and geometric tiles can be used effectively in both modern and traditionally styled bathrooms. We’re particularly fond of these Belmont Hexagon tiles that boast line detailing reminiscent of classic Art Deco tile designs.


Image credits: Victorian Plumbing