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Wow-Factor Flooring: What To Lay Where

Wow-Factor Flooring: What To Lay Where

Of all the different interiors elements that you can work on, you’ll often find that some areas are always going to be more exciting than others. Choosing your kitchen? Fun! Choosing your pipes? Not so much! While so areas are always going to be more obvious, like the two of those, there are actually areas that will take you by surprise. Sometimes, the things you think you’re going to find tedious can actually blow you away. This is pretty much always the case when it comes to flooring. Because at first, it can feel like one of those monotonous things you need to choose for each room. But actually, it can make or break each space!

So, if you want to make sure that you get it right, and enjoy the process too, here’s a guide on what to put where:


Let’s start with the hallway. This is often an area that you can easily overlook. After all, you don’t tend to spend a lot of time in here, right? However, this is the space that your guests will see when they first arrive. It’s also an area that gets a lot of traffic. You not only pass it every time you go in and out of the house, but you can often do the same as you’re moving from room to room too. So, your hallway flooring choice needs to be practical. This is why laminate wood flooring can often work well. It’s sturdy but still looks great. You’ll easily be able to clean up any muddy footprints, and it should withstand the heavy footfall too.


The same kind of principles can work in the kitchen too. It’s also an area that requires practicality. Think spilt drinks and dropped food. So, you’re going to want to work with a material that’s super easy to clean. Like tile! Tile in the kitchen always looks great, and it’s super simple to clean up on a regular basis too.


While we’re on the topic of eating spaces, we should cover off your outdoor dining area too. While it’s likely you’ll carry the tile from your kitchen into the dining room, this won’t work for the outside. So, you’re going to want to work with patio paving instead. It’s an excellent choice for practical reasons, especially compared to something like stone. Plus, it’s functional and looks stylish too!

Living Space

Then it’s on to your main living area. Now, your choice here will depend on both your personal taste and your lifestyle. Because if you’re generally quite clean and tidy and you want to be cosy; carpet can work. But if you have kids and you really want to keep things practical, you will find that wood will work better. So it’s entirely up to you!


And for the bedroom, you’re definitely going to want to go with carpet. Because when it comes to bedroom flooring, you definitely want things to feel luxe underfoot. After a long day, you want to take your socks off and feel the softness on your feet. There’s nothing more indulgent than that. And in your own bedroom, there’s no real need to keep things practical.


Image credit: Unsplash