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5 Summer Fashion Essentials You Shouldn’t Travel Without
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5 Summer Fashion Essentials You Shouldn’t Travel Without

We all love going on holiday, with the prospect of seeing new places and experiencing another lifestyle posing an exciting opportunity. However, the packing aspect can be an extremely stressful time if you’re a fashion-obsessive who has to negotiate staying stylish against a luggage limit.

So, whether you’re heading for a city break in Barcelona or going to be soaking up the sun in Turkey, make sure you’re summer-ready with our top five fashion essentials for your holiday. Read on to find out more.

The on-trend flats

Even if you just choose to wear these in the airport, or your holiday will require a lot of walking, having a pair of comfortable shoes will be your saviour — but, of course, ensure that these fit in with the current season and the latest trends!

When heading to a place where the sun shines all day, opt for a classy pair of slip-on mules, like these ones from Terry de Havilland, to easily take you from beach to town exploring and everything in-between. With sandals, flip flops and slip-ons easy and compact to pack, there’s no excuse not to be well prepared with a pair or two of practical yet stylish shoes this summer.

The fashion-conscious sunglasses

Not only are sunglasses essential for protecting your eyes against UV rays, but they can also tie your entire look together. The right pair of oversized sunglasses will give you that celebrity look, but they will also hide your jetlagged eyes on the flight back.

Either stick with classic styles like Ray-Ban Clubmasters and aviators or invest in a shape that’s currently dominating the fashion market, to give your outfit an instant update. Sunglasses are bound to be a major contributor to your summer chic, so make sure you find the perfect pair to suit you.

If you’re struggling to find the ideal pair to take away with you, get a friend to come with you and offer a second opinion. However, if you’ve left it last minute, Sunglass Hut allows you to upload a photo of yourself and find sunglasses to suit your face shape from the comfort of your own home — so there’s no reason you can’t be stylish this summer!

The chic carry-all handbag

Although you should also be taking a small cross-body or clutch bag for evenings out while you’re away, a carry-all handbag does what it says on the tin. The spacious nature of it will be great for any day trips where you go a little shopping mad and can double up as a beach bag to hold all of your sun protection essentials in. H&M has a great selection, including this reversible shopper, which will be roomy enough for all of your holiday needs.

A carry-all is also ideal for the flights, as you don’t have to worry too much about dressing for both the plane temperature and the wave of heat that’ll hit you when you get off: you can pack fashionable yet weather-appropriate clothes to change into! Choosing a large bag will also mean you can take your special edition Vogue to read on the flight, as well as travel essentials like face mists and lip balms, to keep you looking fabulous all-flight-long — just make sure to check the hand luggage restrictions first!

The mix and match co-ord

The fashion markets are filled with chic statement and colour block co-ords, and it doesn’t look like they’re budging anytime soon! If you’ve got limited space in your case, co-ords can help you pack smartly. Wear them together for a streamlined and refined look, or team each half with another item in your wardrobe to create a range of different looks, so you don’t have to fret about outfit repeating. However you style them, and whatever colours and prints you choose, just be sure to wear them with confidence for that ultimate fashion boost!

The stylish sunhat

Nothing is more important on a sunny holiday than protecting yourself from the sun’s heat, but there’s no reason why you can’t be stylish while doing it! Oversized hats have been the uniform of sun-seekers for years, with wide-brim straw hats populating many beaches and stylish cities abroad. Coming in a range of colour tones and a choice of floppy or structured designs, it’s never been so easy to stay fashionable in the sun. If you’re looking to make an investment, opt for a sunhat in solid neutrals like black, white or beige, that have minimal detailing on them, like this one from Christy’s London, so they’re able to stand the test of time.

A basic one will be able to accommodate both your casual and low-key outfits, as well as your classy dolled-up looks. However, don’t be afraid to get adventurous and try bold colours and standout detailing, to make your look truly unique.

Whatever your luggage limit, make sure you’re not without these five things to truly nail your holiday fashion essentials year after year.