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My Top Skincare Picks This Summer
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My Top Skincare Picks This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to get a beautiful bronzed glow, but if you’re anything like me, then it’s also the time your skin can’t decide whether it’s oily, dry or super sensitive to your usual skincare products. I’m always searching for products that will work with my skin type (normally combination) and for lotions that don’t feel too heavy in this heat. Ok, so this glorious weather we’re experiencing might not be the norm every summer but switching up my routine during hot spells has given my skin (both body and face) a little pick me up that was desperately needed after what felt like a never-ending winter.

Recently I’ve been testing out a range of products, and I’m eager to share my favourites, so take a look at some of my must-have skincare buys this summer.

Improving skin tone

Sitting proudly in my early 30s has seen the appearance of stretch marks and general blemishes on my skin that would have usually sent me into a panic, but there are so many products to help keep your skin looking firmer and evenly tones and here are a couple of my top picks:

Re-Gen Oil Continuous Spray is a specially formulated product which has a unique and safe composition containing the highly effective ingredient PCL Liquid™ for skin regeneration and easy absorption, which ensures effective results for more hydrated, elasticated skin. The convenient spray application is easy to apply, and unlike other oils I’ve tried, this one is super light on my skin.

skincare products

Another great product that is doing wonders for my problem areas is Exuviance Body Tone Firming Concentrate. This lightweight firming treatment is great for smoothing out cellulite, and I’ve been trying it out for a few weeks with great results. The rollerball applicator is perfect for massaging the product onto your skin and helps to stimulate the area.

skincare products


I don’t wear a lot of makeup in the summer and in this heat it feels like it is dripping off my face anyway, but keeping my skin clear of sweat and daily impurities is at the top of my list to prevent breakouts. My cleansing routine is usually pretty simple, and I’ve found something that makes life even easier. TRI-BALM by Frances Prescott is a cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturiser in one glorious solid stick balm. It’s also the ultimate travel accessory, as the spill-proof formula can be used with or without water. Win-win!

If you’re looking a traditional style cleanser, Atlantis Skincare has the perfect Cleansing Milk to remove those impurities. It’s suitable for all skin types, smells amazing and using the whole range together gives you glowy skin. I particularly loved the Night Elixir cream as this gave my skin some TLC after sun exposure.

Moisture boost

Finding the perfect moisturiser is one of those never-ending missions. My skin goes through so many phases, and as I’ve got older, it changes more frequently. As you can imagine, I have quite a few different moisturisers in my collection, and I’m always up for adding more, and here are some of my favourites this summer.

This brand is totally new to me, and I’m so glad I was introduced to the products. Odylique is a skincare brand made in the UK with natural ingredients and provides a range of treats for your face and body. My favourites included the Superfruit Concentrate, that with just a tiny drop gives you that much-needed moisture to smooth and hydrate your skin. I couldn’t resist mentioning the Toning Fruit Butter and Coconut Candy Scrub too, as just as the name implies, they both smell deliciously incredible.

Another of my everyday hydration gems includes the new Nivea Body Mousse in White Raspberry and White Tea, it smells fabulous and is ideal for use on your legs for silky smooth application and fast absorption. Nivea also has a new summer range out that is perfect for vacays.

Another little hydration boost comes in the form of the Skin Therapy range at Wilko, which was perfect as a travel buddy for my recent weekend in Bath. This product pleasantly surprised me and is super affordable.

Tanning buddy

If you’re not a big fan of scorching your skin in the sunshine, faking it is a great option to get that summer glow. I use fake tan all year round and have a favourite that I turn to, to ensure I don’t get those odd-looking fake tan patches when it needs a top up. The ST. TROPEZ Tan Optimiser Body Polish is my go-to for exfoliating my skin and in particular my knees and elbows to avoid any build up.

These are just some of my must-haves this summer, and I’ll be sharing my top summer protection products very soon to keep your skin looking youthful, hydrated and protected from this glorious heatwave.