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How To Master The Sportswear Trend
sportswear trend

How To Master The Sportswear Trend

Sportswear is currently at the forefront of fashion worldwide, with many people trying their hand at a sleek, contemporary take on the trend. Trying it yourself? Here’s how to master wearing sportswear.

Don’t look like you’re fresh from the gym

Sportswear is undeniably an athletic trend, but you need to find a way to make it smart and stylish instead of looking like you’re heading for the gym. For some, that might be a fine line to handle – but it’s all about finding the right garments which work as an outfit rather than workout clothes.

Of course, some clothes can work in both regards, but it’s important to keep your day-to-day sportswear clothing fresh and clean. Look for fitted cuts, clean prints and premium materials to really make an impact with your outfit.

Be careful with mixing and matching

Sportswear requires you to have a good eye for what clothes work well together. With different prints, patterns and block colours often adorning many of the popular brands’ sportswear products, more often than not you have to really think about how to match different bottoms, tops and jackets.

Often, sportswear can clash – mixing and matching is the key to making or breaking an outfit. Try and be consistent, whether it be by colour matching, print matching or even buying co-ords from certain brands. Tracksuits are a popular choice for an outfit that truly matches and looks fresh.

Retro sportswear is in

You don’t have to buy expensive new products to rock the sportswear trend. Retro and vintage stores are becoming more stocked with classic 90s sportswear garments, from tracksuit bottoms and sneakers to shellsuit jackets and other gems.

Best of all, going vintage will often save you money when compared to brand new products. And, you’ll be able to find statement pieces and outfits which you likely won’t see on anyone else. To make a true impact at a fraction of the cost, going vintage is an amazing way to rock the sportswear trend.

Sneakers are important

Footwear is arguably the most important component of a sportswear outfit. Sneakers have long been – and continue to be – an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe, especially when wearing them with sportswear. And there’s a wealth of different styles out there, so you’ll absolutely find a pair perfectly suited to you.

Popular choices include Adidas’ Superstar range and Nike’s ever-popular Air Max collection – but with so many new market trends and styles emerging every day in the sneaker world, make sure you’re constantly on the lookout for a pair that catches your attention.

You don’t have to splash out on expensive brands

Sportswear is often saturated with branded clothing, from the aforementioned Nike and Adidas to brands such as Fila, Ellesse and Puma. But you don’t have to splash out on branded clothing to rock sportswear – many high street stores and outlets sell premium garments which are just as stylish, comfortable and striking. Shop around for some cool designs.