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5 Ways To Combat Your Post-Festival Blues

5 Ways To Combat Your Post-Festival Blues

With many festivals behind us, and plenty of them still coming, sociologists are turning to address the phenomenon that is post-festival depression. The most recent research by Vice’s Noisey has found that festival-goers become lost, disorientated, and demotivated following party-filled weekends as they go back to days not spent around lots of people.

While some people may be able to adapt to this quite easily, others will struggle with feelings of low-mood and a lack of purpose. To help you combat these feelings, we’ve put together our top five tips that should help you get over the post-festival slump.

Boost your immune system

If you suffer from low moods following a festival, this could be due to the heavy drinking, convenience foods, and lack of sleep that are usually part and parcel of these events.

Taking a daily vitamin supplement, like Berocca, in the weeks leading up to the event can make you less susceptible to the effects of festival life. Then, when you return, be sure to eat plenty of fresh nutrient-rich foods. Fruit and vegetables will help you fight off infections and colds, as well as improve your mood.

Unpack as soon as you can

When you return from a festival, it’ll feel like everything you own is covered in mud and spilled drinks. So, tackling your unpacking and doing your laundry as soon as possible can help calm any overwhelming feelings you may be having about entering back into the real world.

If you’ve got a large pile of clothes that need washing and not enough time to tackle them, using a mobile laundry service like Laundrapp will put your favourite items in the hands of experts, allowing you extra time to get on with all the other tasks on your to-do list —this is particularly useful if you’ve got a busy job to get back to!

Catch up on sleep

Camping is a popular option for many festival attendees. But, with noisy neighbours, uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, and many late nights, your body will be yearning for some well-needed shut-eye.

Go to bed early for the next couple of days and have as many lie-ins as possible to help you recuperate from the lack of sleep. This should have you feeling refreshed in no time!

Get out in the fresh air

With a study from IEEP finding that people who live near natural spaces are less likely to suffer from depression, there’s never been more reason to spend some time outdoors.

Getting out in the fresh air will release endorphins that’ll increase your mood and make you feel more positive post-festival. While, the beautiful summer sun will increase your serotonin levels, making you feel happier, as well as providing you with that all-important Vitamin D.

Have a drinking detox

Drinking alcohol when your mood is already low is a bad idea, with facts from Drink Aware showing it can be a trigger for both depression and anxiety, rather than a reliever.

Stick with soft drinks or, better yet, some water, to inject your body with some much-needed hydration. Homemade smoothies that are rich with fruit and vegetables will also help to further boost your immune system, so get inventive with them!

Post-festival depression can be tough to deal with, so make sure you take the necessary steps to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Things as simple as getting some fresh air and doing the washing can really help!