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5 Options For Pursuing A Career In Content Creation
content creation

5 Options For Pursuing A Career In Content Creation

Mainstream media is a fast-paced and an ever-changing industry, and with the rise in online influencers, the way companies are marketing to audiences is evolving. A typical marketing job ten years ago is very different in today’s industry and there are a host of new career options available for people who love creating interesting, shareable content.

content creation

Blogging/Vlogging has become a full-time career for several people and for some, becoming a full-time blogger would be the icing on the cake. We’ve all seen the big names out there jetting off to sunny climes and sporting the latest fashion, but for many others, this type of blogging may be just a little out of reach. Although, there is another way to become a full-time blogger, you just have to look at it in a different way.

Choosing a career option in content creation

There are several avenues you can go down to become a full-time content creator but they don’t all necessarily mean you’ll be solely writing content for your own blog. If you blog now for work or pleasure, writing and creating content opens up a variety of opportunities, giving you the chance to get your creative juices flowing.

Take a look at some of the top career options:

Freelance copywriting

Have you considered writing for brands, publications or submitting your ideas to other blogs? It’s actually easier than you think. There are plenty of blogs, online magazines and publishers out there looking for relevant content to feature. This style of freelance work may mean you are writing about many different topics but it gives you a broad understanding of tone of voice, writing styles and SEO content. For people looking for freelance writing work, why not try signing up to a freelance network such as Croud, as they offer paid work and cover many industry sectors, which gives you a varied and interesting selection of things to write about.

Create corporate content

If you don’t fancy the unpredictability of freelance writing work, searching for a job in which you can use your blogging skills is a great option. It can be tricky to choose a job where you’ll be writing about what you love all the time as corporate work can be quite varied but use this to your potential. You’ll learn a host of things in the corporate world including using business tools such as customer relationship systems (CRM) – this article explains what it is, and why it is important. By working in this type of environment, you can grab the opportunity to write about different industries and learn new skills from corporate tone of voice to brand styles.

Photographer and Image Editor

This is a skill in huge demand. The blogging community has fantastic examples of photography and editing and yes, some may have professionals do the hard work, but there are many people out there with this amazing skill set. Start building your portfolio now! Content creation isn’t all about words on a page, it’s about every type of content and showing off your work to potential employers could land you a job doing what you love full time.

Careers in marketing

For many, variety is key. Choosing a marketing job is a great way to sample a taste of everything. This career can include everything from social media, blogger outreach, content creation and anything in between. As with most jobs, you’ll generally have targets too but who doesn’t like a challenge.

For people who love to mingle

Getting your content out there is the key to a successful campaign. Do you love shouting about how great your content is, meeting new people and talking about your passion? Why not try a job in PR!  Promoting a brand, attending events and selling newsworthy content is an exciting and rewarding job. It’s not all parties and meeting celebrities though, there can be late nights and tight deadlines but if you thrive off a challenging career, this is for you.

These are just a few examples of the range of jobs available to aspiring full-time content creators out there. Whether you want a career in the creative industry or just blog as a hobby, you have plenty of transferable skills that’ll open up a world of opportunities.