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Perfectly Imperfect: Create a Stunning Rustic Room
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Perfectly Imperfect: Create a Stunning Rustic Room

Are you a fan of rooms that look comfy and cosy but aren’t too perfect and polished? If mirrored or high gloss furniture, stark white walls and very precise or minimal decor isn’t your style, how about going for more of a rustic look? Unfinished wood, mismatched furniture and cosy accessories can all bring it together for a room you won’t want to leave this winter. Here’s how you can go about it!

Consider The Decor

When you think of a rustic room, the decor that springs to mind will be things like exposed wooden beams and exposed brick walls. If you have these features in your home- make the most of them! Otherwise, you could have wooden panelling installed, or a faux brick wall which is fitted onto a chimney breast or other feature wall like tiles but once complete gives the look of real brick. If you have a lot going on in your room, you could consider keeping the decor minimal. Wooden floors can be jazzed up with decorative rugs, and plain neutral walls will create a blank canvas for pictures, mirrors and more. Avoid stark white, for rustic room colours like beiges, browns, khaki green and other earthy tones work well.

Scour For Furniture

A rustic looking room isn’t supposed to look gleaming and new, instead the furniture should look homely and comforting. Seek out second-hand bargains that are in good condition, things like solid wooden sideboards, tv stands and coffee tables are often given away or sold cheaply because they’re not a modern style. A bit of upcycling: sanding and oiling with new handles could bring them back to life, and you have a stunning, great quality, rustic look piece of furniture that cost you hardly anything. Check on eBay for unusual items as well as junk shops, Craigslist and Facebook groups to see if anyone is getting rid of anything of interest.

Install a Fireplace

A wood burning fireplace will really bring your rustic theme to life. Plus it’s practical and keeps you ultra cosy, particularly at this time of year. You can purchase ready to burn firewood so it’s completely hassle-free, and a great way to bring comfort and ambience into your homely rustic room.

Think About Accessories

You can really have fun when it comes to accessories. From industrial looking exposed bulb light fittings and lamps to mismatched cushions to unusual art and lots of cool plants- your accessories are what will bring your room (and theme) to life. You could source old rustic wooden doors and shutters, unique storage chests, side tables and more. The best thing is because it’s not a very matchy matchy theme, you can build things up over time and it will still look great. Just be sure to find the right balance, you want your room to look homely but not cluttered or overstuffed. Go with quality over quantity and choose items you genuinely love and reflect your style and taste.