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7 Beautiful Country House Hotels Worth The Travel In England
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7 Beautiful Country House Hotels Worth The Travel In England

England is a country that boasts an impressive and interesting history spanning many centuries. And with that claim comes the benefit of having some beautiful buildings throughout the country. The English Royal Court, since its creation, has always been made up of noblemen who lived at court, but whose titled homes sat in the country. And, thankfully, they had enough money to make those homes last for decades, and many are now luxury hotels so that everyone can enjoy them. England is a beautiful country, with many different things to offer, if only you give it a chance.

Western Hall

Staffordshire, also known as the heart of England, boasts a grand Elizabethan building –  Western Hall, nestled within 20 acres of land within the sprawling countryside. The interior has been fully modified, but still retains many original features and all rooms designed with a sympathetic view to the building’s origins.

The Wood Norton

This house was built in 1897 by the exiled French royal – the Duc D’Orleans, and where the exterior appears very English, the great design love of the time was French. So the Duc made a slice of home in Evesham. By 1940 the family had moved on, and the house had become one of the largest broadcasting buildings in the country, owned throughout the Wars by the BBC. It has now become The Wood Norton Hotel, which boasts all modern amenities while staying true to its rich history.

Lime Wood

This sprawling house is set in the heart of a Regency-era estate, and the now-hotel boasts more than just exquisite rooms of every shape and size within the house. It also houses guest in exclusive cottages on the estate. Overlooking the New Forest, this house is a perfect, luxury country get-away.

Cliveden House

Close to London, this Berkshire home has had a series of owners, from Dukes to the infamous Lady Astor, it has been a home, a war hospital, a part of Stanford University and now a luxury hotel. The house is beautiful in its own right and is then coupled with beautiful gardens, acres of land and private boating trips for guests.

The Swinton Estate

Nestled in the centre of a staggering 20,000 acres, this estate was built in the 17th century, and stretches from the River Ure up into the moors. The estate boasts a hotel, spa, experience days and events. It’s so much more than a place to stay and would allow you to sink into absolute luxury.

Lords Of The Manor

This beautifully decadent house sits in 8 acres of lands, in the sumptuous countryside of the upper Cotswolds. The house dates back to 1949 and has maintained much of its original glamour, while also showcasing centuries of history in its many expansions and decor changes.

Bovey Castle

If a house isn’t enough, then why not a castle? In the Devonshire countryside, sits Bovey Castle, a spa and hotel, with over 60 rooms, 22 cottage lodges and 250 acres of land which includes a superb golf course.