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10 Tips For Updating Your Home Over a Weekend

10 Tips For Updating Your Home Over a Weekend

We don’t all have the funds to be updating our homes with every new trend or season, but with 480.8M views on TikTok for #homediyproject*, it’s clear people want to find ways to create a home that’s uniquely theirs.

Updating a room or making small changes can transform a home and breathe new life into a living space, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

With this in mind, the interior design experts at My Bespoke Room have put together tips on the simple tasks you can do over a weekend without breaking the bank.

From DIY projects to de-cluttering, below are some small changes that can really make a big difference to your home:

Upcycle furniture

Re-vamp that one piece of furniture that’s looking a bit tired, or add different stylistic finishes to mix up the feel or colour of the room. You could easily paint that coffee table, change the handles or knobs on bedroom drawers or kitchen cupboards or even add panelling to cabinets.

Paint your walls

Never underestimate what a fresh lick of paint can do! You can totally change the colour scheme, tone, look and feel of the room all in one go.  Go dark and dramatic with a black or navy feature wall, add some colour with an elegant pastel shade or just brighten up an existing white for an instant refresh.

Put up some shelves

It might not sound like much, but adding shelves to your space can be a quick addition of extra storage and help create that ‘finished look’. Make people’s eyes dance around your walls, taking in all your precious keepsakes, pictures and books.

Put up some panelling

Panelling is very popular at the moment, with plenty of styles to suit every home. Whether you are looking for some traditional moulding, shaker style or modern geometrics, it’s going to add some serious style factor points.

Front door first impressions

Spend your weekend giving your front door that much-needed TLC. Paint it your favourite colour, and change the handle, knocker, or letterbox so they all match and look beautiful.

It’s also a good excuse to freshen up your entire entrance, be that the front garden or the porch, so that you’re always happy to return home.

That spot under the stairs

If you’re not using the space under the stairs for storage or function – you’re missing out.  Make the most of the space; you could look to use it as closet space or even convert it into the perfect working-from-home spot by adding a desk. For those sommeliers amongst you, turn it into a bespoke wine rack – ‘wine’ not.

Hang those frames

One job that’s always put off is getting pictures in frames to create a lovely gallery wall, but it really won’t take long and can transform a room as well as adding that all-important personal touch.

Add greenery

Plants and flowers are an affordable way completely change the feel of the room. They also have a lot of health benefits, such as purifying the air, improving mood, decreasing stress, and helping with focus.

Switch up your layout

Did you know you can completely change the look of your room without spending any money at all?

Mix up the layout of a room in just one day, and you won’t believe it’s the same space. When considering the layout, first use how this room is used most and design to cater to its main function. You might find that you couldn’t believe you were coping before!

Re-instate your fireplace

Many fireplaces nowadays are painted over and forgotten about, so why not bring your back to life and make it a focal point of the room. Paint in a dark or fun colour and add some interesting patterned tiles – it will really add the WOW factor to your home.


Images: My Bespoke Room

*Source: TikTok hashtag data correct as of 07/03