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How To Style Your Home With Plants
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How To Style Your Home With Plants

Whether you have caught on to the popular plant trend and want to surround yourself with more indoor plants than you can shake a stick at, or you are wanting to shake up your style a little and are opting for the bohemian, natural look – styling your home with plants has never been easier.

interiors inspiration

This piece will discuss how you can style your home with indoor plants of your choice, making it a greener, healthier, and more vibrant place.

Understand your environments

Plants, just like people, each thrive in different conditions, which is why it is important to understand what environment your rooms are offering before you choose which plants will be happy there. For example, there is little point in buying plants that thrive in sunlight if your home has limited windows facing the sun. Natural light will be an important aspect of choosing your indoor plants, along with humidity and heat. Air conditioning, draughts and breezes, and pets will also be other factors to consider. Different rooms will have different variables as well, so be sure to choose suitable bedroom plants and bathroom plants, for example.

Once you have understood the environments in which you want to place your plants, then you are already well on your way to choosing the best plants to style with.

Think about your pot decor

As the plants are going around the house, you will want the pots, bowls, and planters to compliment the scheme and style you have already opted for. This will also be useful to determine how much space you have to dedicate to your plants! If you want to adopt a style that’s traditional and chic, terracotta pots will always be a winner, while different shapes will help spice it up if you like a mismatched style. Alternatively, if you like customised or unique objects, then you can always paint and style your own plant pots to reach the aesthetic you desire.

Make sure you have the right tools

Taking care of plants can be very simple, and you can even get away with having no equipment to look after them. However, the process can be made a little easier if you do invest in some professional tools.

This can be anything from a small indoor watering can (though a plastic jug will suffice), a mister for the less-thirsty plants, pruning shears to help keep the plants healthy and remove dead leaves, and a small scoop for potting. You can also invest in more specialist products for your house plants, such as professional-quality plant food. Another vital product is an all-season oil that can help keep all kinds of pests away (there are several common house plant pests that you will want to keep under control, which is worth knowing about before you invest in your new indoor garden). Also, make sure you have the appropriate treatment that can get rid of any fungal issues or plant diseases on hand to catch anything before it starts to spread.


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