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Bespoke Upgrades to Make to Your Home

Bespoke Upgrades to Make to Your Home

Most homeowners have the ambition of turning their humble abode into a visual masterpiece. For those with a skill for design, knowing how to get started may come naturally, but if you need some guidance on how to enhance your home, this blog will give you some useful pointers to think about.

Homeowners enjoy the idea of buying a property with the ambition of putting their own stamp on it, and bespoke upgrades could be the answer you’re looking to create a unique and impressive home that you’ll wish to live for the long-term.

Here are several bespoke upgrades you can make to your home:

  • Fitted kitchens

The kitchen is typically the hub of the home – it’s where you cook, eat together and spend quality time with your family. Whether you plan on putting your home on the market in the near future or wish to live in the property for the years to come, a professionally-fitted kitchen will be hard-wearing and even increase your home’s value.

While there is the option to remain cheap and cheerful with a flat pack kitchen, it would always be worth investing in a bespoke kitchen that has been constructed specifically to suit your home. Aside from being able to choose your design to match your interior, you’ll be able to create your own preferred storage options.

  • Windows

If you’re building your home from scratch or adding an extension to your existing property, one of the most important structural aspects to take into consideration is windows. Bespoke windows from the likes of can be designed to your exact specifications regardless of the project you have in mind. Professionals will hand-draw sketches and work closely with you to design windows based on your requirements and desired finish. Craftsmen are then able to construct your windows to the highest specifications making sure they are ideal fit for the room.

  • Furniture

If you plan on living on your home for the long-term, you should consider investing in custom-built furniture. This may include the likes of fitted wardrobes to store your belongings, custom-built office space to suit your work requirements or even dressing room furniture to exceed the usual bedroom storage options and give you more space.

However, when selecting custom-built furniture for each room that is suited to your personal needs, do ensure you have thought carefully about what prospective buyers may also appreciate in the future, in order for your home to stand out on the market.

  • Conservatory

Conservatories are one of the most popular bespoke home improvements in the UK and can be used either as an extra room or as part of an open-plan layout. If you own a period property, in particular, a custom-built design is essential to stay in keeping with the traditional aesthetic. Period properties all have different proportions and styles; therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t be suitable. While you can purchase a standard conservatory design, a bespoke conservatory will ensure you can create an extension that suits your property and makes the most of the space available.


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