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Zen Lofts: 4 Tips For Transforming Your Loft into a Tech-Free Sanctuary

Zen Lofts: 4 Tips For Transforming Your Loft into a Tech-Free Sanctuary

We live in a digital world, which can often make it hard to switch off. So, if you need a relaxing spot to retreat to after a busy day, why not consider transforming your loft into a tech-free sanctuary. Here, David Knight from Roof Windows 4 You shares his top tips for creating this peaceful space.

Credit: Roof Windows 4 You

Technology plays a big part in all of our lives. In fact, a nation summary report conducted by Ofcom revealed that in 2019, 87% of all households had internet access, where 82% of people used home broadband and 70% used 4G mobile services to stay connected. Add working days spent dealing with data online and time to browse social media, and it becomes obvious how most of us spend a majority of our 24 hours.

But, if you’ve decided you need some downtime away from technology, you’ll need to create the perfect space to relax in. Your loft is typically a neglected area used for storage, so why not utilise it for something useful? Here, I will be sharing my top tips for transforming your loft into a tech-free sanctuary you’ll love.

Choose an uplifting colour scheme

Staring at a screen all day can make you feel sluggish and low, so it’s important that you choose an uplifting colour scheme to raise the spirits when you retreat to your zen space. According to colour psychology, painting your walls white can help to give your loft a serene and calming feel, which will be necessary after a stressful day (Verywell Mind).

If plain white is too simple for you, then why not try a muted pastel version of bright colours like yellow and orange. These are associated with positive feelings like cheerfulness and enthusiasm, so they can help to rid you of any negative emotions, and they will be more versatile than bolder versions of the colours.

You can then add complementary colours, or even add darker accents to give it an extra stylish touch.

Embrace natural light

Lofts are typically darker spaces, and if yours is short of windows, you’ll want to prioritise adding these to ensure it’s a liveable space for you. Roof windows can fit perfectly into the pitch on your roof, and with so many different styles, you can ensure you find one to match the rest of your windows. If you’re wanting to add some extra outward space to your loft, there are even balcony windows that fold out to create a lovely viewing point for you to enjoy when you want a little fresh air.

Before you begin to make any changes, you’ll need to ensure you’re aware of any building regulations and check whether you’ll need to seek approval for these plans. You can find all of the information you’ll need in our guide to planning permission for skylights and roof windows.

Add a space to relax

You’ll need to kit your zen loft out, so make sure you have some comfortable furniture where you can sit or lay. A plush sofa in a complementary hue to your walls or an accent colour will not only look great, but it’ll be perfect for curling up and reading a good book.

If you’re planning on retreating to your loft to do some brain training, you’ll need a productive space to sit. So, consider getting a cosy egg chair to relax in while you concentrate. If you’d prefer a more minimal seating arrangement, you could even incorporate a large bean bag to sink into.

If you intend to spend a little while longer in your loft, you might even want to add a comfortable sleeping spot. So, make sure you’re kitting it out with beautiful bedding and a supportive mattress, pillow and duvet set to complete the look.

Bring your hobbies to your loft

When you don’t have technology to occupy your mind, it’s likely you’ll need something else to do. Whether you take up your music stand and hone your skills with your favourite instrument or transport your easel to perfect your painting techniques, what better excuse to spend some time doing the things you love?

If you want to get some exercise in, purchasing a yoga mat and some dumbbells and other free weights will help you to keep active. You could even add a whiteboard and write down your workout plan each day, ensuring you don’t need to use any apps or fitness videos in your tech-free sanctuary.

Reading is an extremely relaxing and engaging hobby, so you could even add a bookcase and fill it with all your new reading material. This will help to keep you creative and is a nice change from staring at a screen all day.

Take some time away from technology, and transform your loft into a zen space that you can relax in. Once you’ve decorated it in uplifting colours and decided what you’ll use the space for, you’re sure to love retreating here after a hectic day.