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How To Create A Grand Entrance In Your Home

How To Create A Grand Entrance In Your Home

First impressions count so when people visit your home, you’ll want them to be impressed from the moment they step through the door — and maybe even before that. This means you’ll need to ensure that the entranceway of your home gives a good indication of your personality, interests, and what visitors can expect from the rest of your house or flat.

To help you with this, we’re going to outline how you can create a grand entrance that’s guaranteed to make a talking point. Read on to find out more.

Consider painting your front door an eye-catching colour

If you want to impress people from the moment they catch sight of your home, give it some personality by painting your front door a bright colour. Not only will this help your place stand out (and make it much easier when you’re trying to direct new visitors to your address), but it will also show your creative and stylish edge.

There are so many colours you can choose from when it comes to painting your door, and Dulux has a great guide that can help you to pick out the perfect shade. The paint manufacturer recommends blue and red for period homes, as this can give them an elegant feel, while sunny shades such as yellow, terracotta, and orange can give your home a cheerful look. Alternatively, if you want to promote calmness, greens, blues, or pastel hues work well.

Express yourself with art and trinkets

Prints are perfect for when you want to fill a blank wall with something pretty but don’t have a lot of money to spend. Junique and Desenio both offer wide ranges of prints that you can order on their own or pre-framed for a very reasonable price. They range from photographs, to art and quotes, which means you’ll have no trouble finding an array that will suit your home’s entranceway perfectly — in fact, it’s very likely you’ll be spoilt for choice.

You could also display some meaningful trinkets on shelves or a sideboard. For example, if you have any mementoes from your travels or photos that hold a lot of memories, put them on show for your visitors to admire as they come through the door. This will have the added benefit of helping your home to feel undeniably yours.

Use bright paint or patterned wallpaper to make a statement

Decorating your home’s entranceway with brightly-coloured paint or some bold wallpaper is guaranteed to make a statement. Wallpaper seems to be all the rage these days and you can browse a huge range of unusual wallpaper at, which includes designs that are tiled, jungle-themed, artsy, and more. If you’re going for a classic look, humbug striped wallpaper is ideal, but you could also choose something a little bit quirkier. And if you insist on painted walls you can still decorate with the likes of wall decals to add a unique and welcoming touch.

Make the most of your staircase

If you have a staircase in your entranceway, make the most of it by turning it into a feature piece. There are a number of ways in which you can do this. Firstly, you could paint the bannister a new, interesting colour. Perhaps you could create a sense of continuity by painting it the same colour as your front door, or you could pull a colour out of the wallpaper you’ve chosen.

You could even use the steps themselves as a design feature of your space. If your stairs aren’t carpeted, consider adding a runner that complements the rest of your décor. You can also add an extra dash of sophistication by securing this in place with some stylish stair rods. Stair Rods Direct offers a huge selection of these, ranging from classic gold styles to particularly elegant designs that feature crystals. When you’re decorating your home, it’s important that you pay a lot of attention to the details and installing a stair runner in this way is sure to give your entranceway an especially fancy feel.

It’s important that your home’s entranceway gives the best possible impression, and these tips should help you to ensure that’s the case. By painting your front door a fun colour, expressing your personality, and making a statement with your décor choices, you’ll be able to make sure that visitors are impressed from the moment they walk through your door.